Kristoff Krane
Wild West
[Verse 1: Sage Francis]......................!
How dare you interrupt the monkey man doing his funny dance
You ain't from my fam and you ain't a fucking fan
Summer of the son of son of Sam
Your grandkids are treadmill working, modern day Running Man
You're from the scum of the sand
You are the sum of a number you will never understand
"Don't fall for that! It's such a scam."
I bet 100 grand I could touch you…
Like "boop!" Ooooh, reconstruct you
Undead Kennedys. Some wed their enemies
Just for the fashion of it with a blood red accessory
That will not match your pillbox hat. Let it be
Got a magic bullet theory that'll blow your mind. Literally
I'm fin to blow. Kick in the do', begin to killing
Each and every single one of the indigo children
Must not be taller than this sign here
If they be any taller, then sign here
If you need any water it's right here
Come get a little from the middlemen in white gear
We don't all bleed red
I've seen tar black sludge pouring out the back of a fiend's head
Blue blooded Americans too stuck up with arrogance
To notice the mules fucking the elephants
True revolution is intelligence
This ain't the motherfucking wild, wild west
[Verse 2: Kristoff Krane]
My apologies for synthesizing intuition
I swear to God it wasn't my fault but I'll still fix it
I wish no harm upon another like it's euthanasia
Only in love will we rediscover human nature
I'm feeling sick somebody please bring me a cup of milk
I want the kind I seen up on the sign while on my way to work
A couple pills will probably do the trick
Ha Dad?

(Naw) (5x)
Naw, fuck that

I want a proper breath pulled from my diaphragm
To calm my anxious organs and arouse the ancient eye within
Leviathan has been raised from the dead
If you look into your head, it's evident in the environment

Let the tires spin, eyes roll, burn rubber holes into the o-zone
Clones who never knew their mother
Fighter on demand, supplies is slowly needy weening
Completely shy of any chance to find some peaceful meaning
Now dance you dirty little puppet show
Destiny defined just like the bullet in the gun you hold

Now hit the mark finish what you start
Go to the market get some seeds to plant a garden in your yard
Get off your ass and get a house
Get a bank account, a little baby and a spouse
Get a job, get a dog, get a bone
Die fast, live slow
Feel alone
High class
[Verse 3: Sadistik]
Time lapses and it's a sign of death
While another proper noun tries to fit inside my chest (Yes!)
We put flowers on our own graves
Symbolize the death, it's ironic and poetic in a sense
I listen to the storm cyborg like Christ
It's a sight for sore eyes and poor eye-sight, this
Just might distort my whole short life-bliss
If the light from your sky is more like pitch black

Out with me, while I'm fading from the Jack Dans
Pull another white flag, hanging me at half mast
I got the blues, staining all the cracked glass
Read all the bad jokes, training for the last laugh
So stand back, like a bear in blood
I don't throw my hands up cause I care too much
About a world that's so fragile that I'm scared to touch
I got a tendency to break what was meant to be awake, wait

Now is one grave enough?
To come hate the mundane, now some say it's love
We're in this machine and it's unsafe to trust
We're mechanical, that's why our blood tastes like rust
Some may adjust, but they're marketing the zeitgeist
Penny for you thoughts if it's offered at the right price
Day of the dead, opposite of night-life
Pray that instead you'll be caught up in the bright lights