Kristoff Krane
When people speak at funerals
I usually like to be sitting in the back
That way when the sentimentality kicks in
I can get to the door quickly to vomit
I've always felt if you've got something to say
Spit it out while the bastard's still alive dammit

[Verse 1: Bodi]

I never thought the time would come when I'd be runnin outta time
To find the meaning in the grand design before I'm in a box of pine
Put my nose to grind, if it sets the globe atop my spine, it’s
What I chose it's fine, if it turns my back to serpentine
I'd be cool. Look it's hard enough
To make it through without another makin carbon dust
Tryna bring you down, so I die to lift you up
An ugly duck tryna smooth the ride (buckle up, but…)
I clutch fear like a gear shift
And hear this chorus crying help until my ears split
If I can steer this just a little more to positive
I'd go a happy man, achieving one accomplishment
And that's the truth. Despite the mellow drama
End this love letter dear world, comma
Thank you for the chance to do right
You're the reason that this kid is breathin new life
[Chorus: Kristoff Krane]
Everything and Everyone I’ve ever loved
I love. Are living on and never gone and pumping through my Blood

[Verse 2: Kristoff Krane]
I can't imagine the position you were in to see me pissin in the wind
When I was fishin for a fix instead of kissing you
Instead of dealing with the pain the pain of missing my best friend
I lead myself into a big brickwall and bashed my selfhish head…
To see the person that you love the most detaching from their spirit
Knowing theres an inner voice but right now they won't hear it…
Grips my throat with angry hands and rings the neck that’s deep
In lost connection till my feeet are grounded in the grief- infection-
These moments only last for as long as we can make em
A portal to the past through the photographs we’ve taken
Each breathe I take reveals a memory into a cloud
Under a sun where you can hear the sky and ocean cry outloud—I’m sacred
The lessons I’ve been trying to teach
Are ones that I have yet to learn-face it, when you’re high-you sink
The older that I get the younger that I feel
The less I have to say and the more that I know I know how to heal


[Verse 3: Kristoff Krane]
Give me a seed, I'll show you how to cherish it
Find the dirtiest soil, dig a hole, and bury it
I no longer need a therapist
I'll just cry all winter on my own come back to the spring and there it is
I'm just a shadow in the wounded shell
Growing up a spiral staircase I know the life that cycle very well
A Carbon Carousel from miracles to funerals
She gave it all of her heart and he left us with some truth to hold
What a beautiful existence
From every lunar eclipse I've witnessed to every open wound I'm still licking
There's no difference between neural imprints
And the way that I see the external world appear as an image
Now I talk to myself from the perspective of God
I know that I'm right when I bet that I'm wrong
From death and beyond to the breath in my lungs
Every friend that I've lost becomes the red in my blood

[Verse 4: Jean Grae]
I mean everything that I've done, I mean everything that I've been
Baby every man that I've loved, maybe I've been loving through sin
Maybe I just love to be loved, then again not love from within
But I love every part of me artery skin
But the heart of me's mine
My veins are just lined up to my face and my body
Which are basically copies of the base on the knowledge to the basics of body
So it really means nothing when I'm gone don't mourn Jeanie
Just release me a song when I'm on you'll all see me
I'm infinitely infamous, this shell is an incident
Shit I'm held build that fits compelled to the realest spit
I'mma writer of fate denied of a daily departure
I'm the ride you can take when thinking whats to go farther
Yes further take liberties with words and symmetry
And I do paint vividly this world's identity
And I can't Hilary shit like it was deserved to me
And I'll never accept respect if it ain't earned by me

[Verse 5: Bodi]
Tough though it is, it's a beautiful struggle worth
Every ounce of muscle til the six feet of shoveled dirt
Til the hearse marches us to mother earth
Carried by the ones that we love til the bubble burst
Perched on a razor's edge, learn
To walk the fine line intertwinin death and birth
Search for a cure to reverse the worst curse
Certain nothing's worse than watching others leave first
Picture perfect world, well maybe not
But we got what we got until it all stops
Life is a quiz popped on us as kids
And when we learn to die's when we learn how to live
And if it's true that the molecules spinnin
Inside of us have been around us since the beginning
Then everything and everyone that we've ever loved
Are livin on and never gone and pumpin through our blood