Kristoff Krane
Witness Intimidation
[Verse 1 : Eyedea]
You know what’s going on
It’s the same old shit
It’s the fangs that grip; me on the side of my hip; when I don’t know how to live
It’s the brains that hit; and it’s the stains of this and it’s the rain that hits and it’s the explaining the entertainer shit
And it’s about trying to maintain a grip and it’s about trying to be out of my mouth don’t; live
If you can’t live right, if you can’t live right
If you can’t, get upward to the highest and drop right
If you can’t fall like; you were supposed to; I’m gonna have to say that I don’t really even know you
I do not oppose the things that you were trying; you were lying; you were dying; who was flying; suicide is not an option -
Please don’t leave me now, please don’t leave me down and please don’t leave me with this crown and please don’t leave me with this frown -
And please don’t feed me; please don’t feed me, that would not be all that easy; that would not be all that easy…

[Verse 2 : Kristoff Krane]
Yeah… We’ll. (Too much TV)
Not be that easy ‘cos I know the world needs me
Knocking over bottles of water; I tell you; save yourself from the horror
Hope that you live tomorrow…
Here’s my sorrow for all the fallen soldiers

[Verse 3 : Carnage]
… Slapping emcees, tell ‘em all to look the other way that we’ll be flipping when I’ve gone with Eyedea and friends; we’re in the motherfucking house
We need to kick it like; that, I - flip - that - shit - I - bust - so - many - styles
Move - it - back - here - pull forth from the back when I attack the whack I -
Slap the whack back with a motherfucking Gat when I blast…
Never will they last doing the task before they ride their bike home; respect the laugh -
Respect the wrath
Dead or be kicking motherfuckers are ending up in a bloodbath
It feels good to be right on the towel; face down, put the bass down now

[Verse 4 : Kristoff Krane]
Where’s the answer?
Can I walk in?
Get a chance to, get your mind?
And expand to; “Shit, I’m ugly”
Feeling handsome
What can I say God from my grandma?
That’s why I talk country country grammar
This shit, I spit, to the slammer
With the Santana; off the head grammar; ay
Bounce up, up, up, up up, up; and don’t come down
Fuck gravity; gravity don’t come around
Represent this shit; amazing the sound
Zits insist, never been distressed when I start; leave no witnesses -
From the heart; air from the brain; how can I maintain what I could play?
(Felt bare.)

[Verse 5 : Mazta I]
With this sick kid I flip this witness, emcees aren’t able to get with this it’s -
Motherfucking that we making don’t look like this is when I grab the mic and spit shit

[Kristoff Krane]
Exercise the farthest for the fitness; rep’ with this I freestyle and fucking rip shit
All I wrote was smoking represent just like earsome token
[Mazta I]
- But they know I’m about to head off the head -
Head off emcees - they get cut off like I’m on the top of all you lost
But motherfuckers are stepping to the mic’; it’s open but you all just lost

[Kristoff Krane]
Monstrous with the freestyle can’t nobody fuck with all of us
Represent like “Yo, we on the bus”
This is the way we go on and…

(Come with a fight, come to the top…)

[Mazta I]
Eat me - I mean; beat me - I mean take me down and releive me - I mean; repeat these styles when I breath I thought that someone’s gonna leave me -
Someone’s gonna leave me…
Of course someone had to feed me all the time
The course wouldn’t matter at all

(Back on the scene)

[Mazta I]
The time, the time
The ceiling, it’s falling, it’s falling
It’s calling, it’s smiling, it’s feeling it’s own psyche; residing, residing
[Kristoff Krane]
Do you want it? Ay yo; I’m on it
Lots of demons in this vomit
Bit confused, ay yo; in the maze
Representing in the maze
Snakes that whither on the path of this place
Represent, like it’s your last day
Wonder who gets in now
Who we winning?
This shit I spit; so persistent

Got to choose a higher path; inspire wrath -
Emcees; they whack I’ve got to laugh when I be -
Hearing their flow - don’t wanna be hearing their flow; was a miracle yo
Taking one and I; rip them up -
You ain’t nothing motherfucker; no it ain’t us you’re one over; yeah -
Shit - jumping outta my skin - I fooled them
I’m on a fucking stage with six real men
(Yeah; we don’t give a fuck)
(We don’t give a fuck)
Six real men

[Bridge : Eyedea & Kristoff Krane]
(We don’t give a…) [x12]
(One a day) [x2]
(I give her good luck)
(I’m never gon’ find it… I’m too blinded) [x5]
I give her good, give her good, give her good luck
Give her good
Give her good
Make it ever so
Don’t rock on the wood
Don’t ever forget to be good
Do everything that you should
Don’t ever…
(Ban everything; don’t ever think.) [x5]
Don’t ever lay, in a bed of thorn roses
(No-one told)
Trying to find the lame
(Ooooh, ooh)
In a bed of thorn roses
(No-one told)

[Verse 6 :Eyedea]
Don’t ever think
Don’t ever think that everything…
Can make the sky split when my eyelids are closed and the phone rings
Don’t ever think about blinking
Don’t ever even think about thinking if you’re not thinking for the right reasons
Stay calm, and let your teeth hit eachover
When the other palm did no harm
But you still felt, like you should take the other cheek
Bite the other cheek, think of your mother this week
Think of how you’ve, uncovered, the sleeping
Think of how you’ve discovered how the relationship needs deepening
Think of how you’ve been under, the whole fucking ceiling
Trying to raise up; trying to teach what you’re teaching
But you weren’t leeching; onto the right progress
So your word’s speaking for yourself or no-one else none the less
It’s OK, speak for you, I eat your words to digest them
And when they come out, they look exactly like you
So that’s the only place they have to be, spinning down the porcelain goddess with the contorted’s, honest proportion of, how to obviously be lost
Don’t tell me what you have to tell me because I already thought how to think for myself -
And once I found that place I took that place and made it my own personal smiley face on every day
And that’s the only place, that I wanted to stay - the grass grows - eventually it dies and my bodies’ decomposed as hay
I know the roses sway your way - that’s why I wanna walk in your doorway and see more of what you have to say - but it’s OK
The noose can swing back and forth - left and right
It doesn’t matter as long as the recipe feels like life and destiny’s right -
If not - stop testing me like; I don’t have my goals and I don’t understand the inside of my, pen - mic’ ride slow down these tracks
Down the streets, down the tracks; tackle; put tacks on the places you wanna stick me
And once you find the map; write all over my face
Tell yourself pride’ll be black tomorrow -
Sorry for the waste of your time
Sorry for the waste of your time
But I’m making it mine even if it is not fine
My time is yours
You know what I’m talking about you on the floor

The world wasn’t built for these tragedies
It’s a pleasure, I feel like everyone had a good time; we did too