Kristoff Krane
Feeling Spayed
[Kristoff Krane]
Threshold really low, below below

But a little… old, if you look at me when everything’s good..

[Kristoff Krane]
Well yeah, why would I even look at this little thing; this thermometer that goes up and down?
I mean if that what… What - What if it, no temperature; that’s all it is
Numb my skin. Help me say that I’ve got skin on…

[Verse 1a : Eyedea]
Different places; frequencies
Different places; stepladders
Different faces
Understanding to keep the right paces - it’s quite basic if you actually face it
Maintain it -
And entertain the thought of being positive and and live for what we fought for -
And fight for what we live for

[Verse 1b : Eyedea]
Well whatever
I can do whatever
I’ve pulled so many levers my circuits ain’t all put together
I wish they were
But I can’t take another moment of bliss because if this occurs
I’ll feel the wind on my lips and then burn
I’ll feel a lot worse
I’ll feel like my next bed is gonna be a hearse
My x-head treats me worse
It’s on a string - it brings away the singing birds
[Verse 2 : Mazta I]
Up on my string I do my thing on the mic’ just like a puppet -
Somebody controlling my softness; I just say “fuck it”
On the stage, with Eyedea, Carnage, and my man Krane -
If you don’t, know this shit, then you don’t, know the aim
Accurate, immaculate
Ayo, check this word, word, word, word, word
Actions to ‘em, like verbs -
Dig them herbs
Ooh, I’ve got the urge, but not disperged
Represent my most definite
Your whack emcees get what they deserved
Here we go one time for the stereo
And a beer with the miracle
Know how we go get in with the volume when we come get loud with the spiritual
Ah, yeah; here we go, we’re you at? Make some noise
Take me literal, or lyrical
Mic’ ready for our boys
Well I am, still I am -
Man on the mic’, with my man; Chris; represent
Like we’re doing this thing with a mic’ and a hand
What you gon’ do? Is he gon’ flow? Yo; let the people know
Hide your elections to, show
How are we gon’ trap this seed and flow

[Kristoff Krane]
Feel so empty, so empty
But I’m fooling myself as the honesty replied when I see ‘em on the shelf
The elves and Santa Claus, must have misplaced the presents
Why am I standing there when my faces ain’t even exited?
[Verse 2 : Mazta I]
You know I might as well slaughter all the elves in the North Pole
Then give Mrs. Santa Claus a little of my soul
Shit - trying to jack him for gifts sinking with ‘em at the boat
No, we ain’t never had shit, so yo I’ve got more
I mean turn them to ashes; skating past this
Plus; treat him like already how he’s in my mind - he don’t exist

Hope every stays…

[Kristoff Krane]
They love eachover

Ah whatever I was just on some bullshit
(Would’ve helped if you’d shut up.)
I’ll tell you what - it all feels profound