Kristoff Krane
Scream Therapy
I don't know
I can't grow
And it calls, it calls my name it makes me fall
It makes me feel so lame against the wall
'Makes me feel I only came for someone who'd dissolve
Makes sure I don't fall
Keeps me in the trips of leaves and Fall
And Summer, and Winter, and Spring
Makes me feel I can really really bring _
Bring and resonate through that little head thing when I open up the ears you're just standing there and scream
Open up the ears and just standing there and scream -
I wanna open up your ears and just standing there and scream
Open up your ears and just standing there and scream
All I see is that old screen and my own _
Untrusted, the trusted, under disgusted - just bust it and rust it but fuck it
I've cut it, in half, a million times before -
And this piece and that piece won't land on my floor anymore 'cos you're -
Not about to listen, you're not about to stand to me, you're not about to beat me
Right into submission, when I can't even see me
I can even free me, I can even be free
I wish it was a little more easy
I wish I could take my time with less TV
I wish I could be me;
No genie in a bottle just a role model that looks like me -
It learns how to breath, it knows how to leave -
All the things up his sleeve when he wants to blow with the trees and the wind
And understand why I've got skin
To cover up the shit that's within
And you know that's why it's kinda made of tin to reflect the light that you try to send in
You don't know it but in the morning when you give a grin I'm smiling
I'm smiling
Even if the interactions of the ultraviolet rays that keep us in these violent ways and leave us in a silent daze
I've amazed, my own fucking organs
They jump up and they crush each-over like every single day but it's always "I love you" at the end of insane
That seems like our friendship...