Kristoff Krane
[Verse 1 : Eyedea]
Well about twenty, or thirty minutes ago
I was elected by someone to know
They told me "Man, you gotta keep the volume low, 'cos if not the cops'll come by and shut down the show"
So I said "All right, we'll keep the volume low"
But that's not the only reason why we wanna keep the volume low, you know
Sometimes you like to just wanna cool out and feel the flow, and feel like you can glow -
Even if you don't really know

[Kristoff Krane]
Yeah sometimes I really like to lay low
Sometimes you like to lay low inside of my halo by the rainbow
All these little demons that come and try to strangle me but I won't -
'Cos I'll leave them tangled and angled up in a _
A robot tug of war with my own beliefs and I don't know what's going on I hold my sword and I cut the grease right right through the sky
Fly and open it and sit inside of it and tell myself a lie is my only protection

[Verse 3 : Mazta I]
Yeah rap boy, rap boy, turn that shit down
You're not deaf the police in the town don't wanna hear that sound of that real hip-hop
Forced I open drip drop, instead I make you wanna wear sandal flip flops
Go to the beach 'cos, life is a bitch
Represent on track like Tango Switch[?]
Or derail never fell, you can tell how we inhale
Got Heaven on my mind when I sign without the rebel in mind
Ayo most of 'em blind
Most of 'em don't got the real shit that I've got in my mind
So I speak to the ones that, can't be late
And, all of us that eat - break bread and get a plate
Hey, can I get some food, I get rude
Regulations get broke, like my name not mentioned in the constitution
Feel my shocker when I electrocute them
I represent just like the real generals and I salute them
Off the topper, never dropping, never stopping, there's no option
Like a rare octagon, I'm the head-doctor man
Represent this shit just like Breakfast Ramadan.
If they ain't ready then fuck it, I'm a conscious one
I'm conscious enough for the subconscious and tap[?] did it
Represent this shit just like the rats get capped in it
Head snapped in it, yo
The odds of the master, fly for the faster
Represent like green for the past -
Vegetarian, I eat some fish but no scavenger on my dish but I wish
Ayo, I didn't even have to eat food
Shit, I could just break you down in compounds and eat you