Kristoff Krane

Whether beneficial, or not; it's not the issue of this day, mom...
I guess no-one, can actually look at this as happiness
So far beyond...
How we wind up like this
In a perspective to talk about benefits
There's ever any fucking thing that I can see in the road; that I can kill if I know
It's benefiting off of those
Who feel like there was more thorn than rose
And I feel like I could explode
Don't feel like I know...
Don't feel like I can hold...
This cold pole anymore and I don't even care exactly where it goes - feel like I know
The bleeding of the snow - feel like I could show
Somebody else the volcanoes that I grow
In the back of the paths that abuse the whole cold inside of your sssssustaning memory and soul...
I don't really believe in a soul
And I believe in benefiting solely off of what is uncontrolling; off of what is, not biblical or religious but holy and
Striking the goalie; right on the mat
So while the suicides raise flat
And people can look inside their mind and see exactly where they're at and if they knew that Heaven was this big they would've sat
Down on this mat
And understood where I was at; I was just caring for you - it's terrible to do that to me but you're the one that
Needs the help
So I feed myself
You won't go to sleep by yourself
[Outro] {Kristoff Krane} /Masta I\:

(I don't know, I don't know; I can keep going it's just...)

{So Sorry...}

I just think, we had a beautiful time tonight
Once again Masta I on the microphone... that microphone that is
JT. Bates on the drum set
Casey O'Brien on the bass...
The man that trampled on my face; /Kristoff Krane\
That's OK, /Yeah, he didn't do it that way\
And Carnage, sorry; got away
I'm sorry you feel tired, but all in all, my man - I had a good day
Thanks everybody for checking it out; we really appreciate it

/Is this really something that you don't understand?\
/I thought you understood everything, man\
/I thought you had the answers, dog\
/I thought you had the answers\