Kristoff Krane
(Somebody's calling my name)
[Verse 1: Eyedea]
Somebody gives a call, voice plastered against the wall
Make your choice faster, don't let us all dissolve
It's boisterous, and let it all fall
Because when spring brings the moisture, next thing will be fall
Summer skipped, don't wonder if, "I love you"
because of this humongous bliss that's hung over my head
Dropped like an anchor
The anchor just dropped
I stopped my anger
I thought to thank her
But didn't know exactly how to say, “I love you”
Because sometimes its too hard
I have my own feelings
I have my own guards
What is it for?
I don't know, but I'm a human and such
Defense mechanisms, sentences, wisdom, and my crutches
So I hold em in, Smoke em in quick
But you need to know that it still was that bliss
It still was bliss that dropped on my head
That's why I'm looking up until the day that I'm lying in the sky
The lion tried
I was lying if I said I didn't love you any second
Even if it was just in my face
Even if I said, "I don't want to talk I need my space"
I loved you every second even if I couldn't see grace on the beautiful sweet sweeping mistakes that we both make
I'm sorry if I couldn't show my true feelings
I'm a robotic, psychotic, peeling back
So I can see the true nature of my future and my hunger and the things that make me wonder
Why we're not just holding hands glued together, why we don't even know each other
We know each other a lot but I bet we could know each other a little bit better
It's only one year of pressure, we can make it with more effort
I let hurt build up in my body 'til I breathe it out, then I can see without
My own strains, my own conditions, my own pictures frames I wish the both of us could silently sit in
My own submission, my own forbidden, ungiven
That's where I start to search
But it hurts if you don't come first
(Tell me what is it you're looking for)
[Verse 2: Kristoff Krane]
I search, I search
It hurts so bad
My feelings, I take em
I scrape the scabs
I'm mad
At pan
at babes
At days
At looking at my own face
trying to find my space
I'm feeling
the noise
The language
it builds
I try to
Destrangle it
Live and guilt
Dying still
I try to see it for my own
Eternal children inside, but the guilt trip continues to grow
My tissues aren't sewn, with a thread the same as yours
I don't know where you have been
I don't know with all my toys
I don't know what I did wrong
Every person I affect
I just want to take my saw
And just come and stab my neck
That ain't bad
That ain't good
It's told me nothing at all
It's an opinion formatting as we all just sing this song
We take it all the time
Take advice
Take my life
Take me with a knife and just stab me in my heart
(Take me on a walk through your mind)
[Verse 3: Kristoff Krane]
Well let's take a second walking through my mind to find my optics, my databases
I'm feeling so good, so many memories I
don't want to go close to,
I leave it alone
A closed file, Classified
I just leave it to zone
Right now isolated, but together with other configurations
Freestyling is so cold
I'm so cold with this moderation
Modulation, Vibration
feel it like my nation
Overstatin' some underground shit
For Satan
And hell we debatin'
Whether or not we should fight now
Hey yo fuck later
Hey yo we should fight right now
Left in the right, blaow!
Watch out apocalypse
Revelations seperatin' our soul
Who's watching us
Cameras got eyes in em'
Big brother's clockin us
Who's workin for them Dollars
Who does the sponsorship
Who's face is on your bills
Who's got your little ones ill
Who's got the remedy pill?