Kristoff Krane
[Verse 1: Sadistik]
This state of mine is made of pine
I pine to see your state of mind
Pineal lost at sea
The water keeps my state alive
I'm sanctified I'm holy
Made to die we're temporary
At best we're wary
And stay inside our estuaries
Wearing all our armor
Water's where we wander
Drowning all our daughters
Mounting in the harbors
Mountains full of martyrs
Monsters in reflections
Carcasses in ponds
From the narcissists that pondered
Conquer Kilimanjaro's my purpose
So I fill em sorrow like Goethe
Certain persons sneer I persevere
Lurking working my nerve up
And my body's made of carbon dates
Some H-2-0 astronomy
We on delay through modern day
Cause we're all made of water
Sink or swim that quote is tired
Cling to it like a floating tire
Tie our knots up to the shore
’Til we're sure there's no more fire
I'm no ones island ocean guided
So inspired soaked and silent
Water is thicker than blood that's why all our minutes
Spent lifting our chins up above the water
[Interlude: Kristoff Krane]
We've been on this ship forever
Passing by dead of night time see together
Storm is here torn sail can't predict the weather
No captain inner compass still spins sporadic
Glistening down on the bottom follow the glow
Tentacles wrapped around octopus
Is telepathic magnetic to hidden treasure
That sparkles below
So keep my mind right above it
Body sways down on the ocean floor
Drenched to the bone marrow suck salt open sore
Broken ore float hope to coast to shore

[Verse 2: Kristoff Krane]
Sipping that soma the oldest elixir
Been drippin' from skies up above
Lost liquid drip spills from the brim
Down chin of god-head made of gold
Hung on the wall
Fall, tricklin'
Make ripples in the middle of an infinite stream
The only one I ever bow to is her - her
Feel the body I'm living in
Maternal matrix maker of our circuits
The surface tension is breaking
The deeper secrets are re-emerging
Our first reflection was naked
Amniotic sac inner fabric
Unraveling vertical axis
Fluctuating light light light right at light speed
Bright scintilla keeps flickerin'
Tell my shadows I'm innocent
Tasted it - armed to the teeth
With a heart that beats to a rhythm we deemed it as sacred
Dripping wet
Soaked in the sin cleansed from the smoke
Cloaked with the sweat ever since that anchor sank
Shifting waves seven billion faces vibrating in the wind
Walk the plank world awakened
Pearly gates were made to break
She was our first mirror, taught us how to crystalize
Dreams in the minds eye shining in the sky
Ice caps keep melting
Fuel to feed the fire she keeps us alive
We feel her inside, we fill it up higher
Hold her up higher, higher
[Outro: Sadistik]
I don’t want to drown today
But the tide is higher than my desire
I think I might count the days