Kristoff Krane
Empathy Makes Machine
I craft inch round windows
Now my soul's on the wall
Time for the age of the powerful
Maybe in and out
Till a little bit of anger is as pitiful as doubt
And so I'm out

Till I'm dizzy in a way
Then Im bouncing and Im singing and Im happy as a child
Never anti
Just a another living in the moment
Every way that I know how
Without losing everything I’ve ever loved

Sit down this way
Animals show no signs of a what?
Sit down this way
Animals show no sign of a soul

Yesterday morning came so briefly
It can’t hold me
I've been leaving
I flow freely
But not now Im a blood clot stuck in the muck some how

I've been running in circles lately
Trying to get to the point that Im trying to make
I've known for a while that Im not trying to win or finish a race
And Im sick of escaping
Humpty dumpy sat on the wall
With no fear of heights and no plans to fall
So now I keep the secret in close reach to me
I never knew the door of opportunity would lead
To such a lead pipe infested long live history
Pure breed fog induced disease

See each time there’s a fork in the road
I cut all the corners
And spoon-feed myself excuses that lead to mistakes
And I keep failing to remember
That everyone else feels the same

Empathy makes machine beat on his chest
And feel so powerful. (2x)

Eeny meany miny moe
Catch the liar by his throat
If he hollers don’t you ever let him go
You never knew just who he hurt
Hold him down and make him Say
I'm sorry for taking all your happy thoughts
And acting like prince charming

Make him apologize (2x)
Sing him a lullabye
Anything to help him understand
That he was justifying the wrong that he did
Cuz He thinks Ugly is all that he Is

Pucker up you sucker duck
You should loved your other sun
You corrupted some of us
And covered up what saved us from torture
Hold him down and tell him he's important
Show him how to smile
And make him say outloud, "Im gorgeous"
Take me for who
I am not for who you wish I was
Don’t take me for granted
Take Care
Take advantage
Take Off
Get me out of here
Don't ever collapse
Leave me be
Help me grow
Don’t ever come back

Makes machine beat on his chest
And so feel powerful
Everything is so easy
Everything's so easy
Everything is so easy
Everything is so easy, now
Everything is so easy
I don’t have to play your game
To know you’ve broke the rules

You want me go to insane
And be me to confused
Keep your explanation
Why you make things like they aren’t
Give me red Ill make it yellow
We can call it orange
You told me that wouldn’t rhyme
You’re a liar to a myth
I don’t know why you try to wire storm
Pucker up you suckered up
You should have loved your other son
You corrupted some of us and covered up what saved us from torture

Scratch don’t hesitate none
Cuz when the egg hatches
Meta-states run into a city
Where nothings ever pretty
Just little itty bitty specs of imagery to Pitty
Pictures stacked on top of one another
I never thought I'd pass through history before I was discovered
But I did, so I can't complain
Yesterday morning
Came so briefly