Kristoff Krane
Planet plant to panic back
Trapped inside of your straps
This road to freedom
Breathin' in, breathin' in, breathin'

Breathin', breathin' out
Breathin' out doubt
Breathe in the toxins and blow the poisons out

Give me one dream
To not get in your bloodstream

I believe
That under the sea
Not under siege
What we could see

Call the tricks up your sleeve
Give up what is for me
Give it to me
For one second
So I can finally
Bleed out all these little blood cells
That try to connect and try to get inside of
Your DNA [?] to protect their ways to
Multiply, replicate, just set it straight
Taking up negative space
Repetitive waste
But, it's just another sedative
Wait, it's my medicine, my medicine
Lake, lakes to drown in
Rape, a lake
Now how you sounded
You sounded great, you're soundin' great
You're soundin' okay
You're soundin'
An earth-quake
First mistake
That you made
More, out of this egg
Crack, broken, take back

Token, flip either side heads
Tails, dead but red left a trail
Of breadcrumbs head numb
Whale, takin' the wind outta their sails
Now snail, go slow crossed rabbit, trap
Rabbit hole, tacked, tick, toll, tack
Dull, shadow, black hole

[Kristoff Krane]
Settle down, settle down, child's play
Settle down, settle down, settle down, child's play
Dip around, dip around, hell, down, now, by chain
Ankle, no angel, no angle to take, center in
On the center, under pressure, never, mind
The weather, sever, tides and
It will get better I swear I promise you if you
Have a sweater but either way, either way, birds of the same
Feather flock together but I'm afraid that he may get shot
By the bulls-eye, comin' through, straight, aim, never, plot
To all the other persons that he was interacting with now
Distracted by that passin'
Look at that there wow, wow
It's a miraculous occurrence that um takes place when
The cells mutilate and make love with one another's shape
Earthquakes shake the bottom and everything from the top falls down
Nobody learns how to smile
Cause everyone still is running around with their
Head chops off like a chicken
Nevermind the engine, nevermind the engine, nevermind the interest
Nevermind the vision
Nevermind that princess that walked the path all alone beceause she
Didn't not want to interact with anyone in that zone
Because, everyone else was distracted by little things
In the physical realm and she didn't know how that bird would sing
So she got right there she looked him in the eyes said
I could learn a lesson from the [?] even though I'm takin'
A different direction in my perception is not
Entangled, in the way that yours is tangled
So if I decide to [?] the center then I will take an angle
That, will never strangle, will put my hands around something
The plan was not, I'm blooming up just like a tulip now the
Influence of that person that smile that the other one dealt with
Seven of that and made it good after all the while it should
Never be bad, dad was sad because it had a earthling because it was
Selfish and it had to have a plan
The land was not it, but still it made a path
The land was not it, but still it made a path