Eligh and Amp Live
Destination Unknown
I'm not scared of the past cause the past is not the present
Yet the future gives me fright will I last and be remembered
The task to remove the mask and dig through the layers
Stay true don't be a player be an owner and the mayor
Still the dragon slayer with a million magic invaders
Connected to the skyline tagging on your prayers
With the fattest tip the baddest whip
Standing on the ladder dripping paint
Along the battered dreams of rangers
Loners I speak to them like one of my own
When I'm at home that's my forte
Okay isolator isolating profit from my sofa so say
What you want about this whole here
But the mission is crystal clear
Keep on breaking down all my fear
And bring that part when I make my art
Try to get into that ear that heart
That addict needs a rest from all that awful static
Manic depressed don't panic at best
Just put my shit on and get some rest
You're not the only one

Aye yo I'm comin' from the death sound
My heart headed to the point of the art side
Steppin' on this horse shit...
32 beats for a bad ass Bay boy
Illin' on the beach with better sand, bigger reach
Only been around for a dollar and a day now
Tryin' to make it last like a man make a peace
Piece of the pie - red, white, blue sky
Never where I'm headed to the land do or die
Picture these scriptures fictitious no chance
That's not where we're going in fact, we've arrived

Runnin' in my marathon closer to the granite
Now it's hard to understand it many [?]
Easily look closer to that speaker
See I'm seein' somethin' deeper
You can come alone and keep it what?
Ever you sever may sever you
My suggestion get together we levitatin' and you are
Higher still upper ECHELON
We are family forever this species will carry on, I'll
Rat race similar to that place tryin' to find location time space
Familiar we greatful livin' out a plate full of memories
Face full of slang let me spit you a plate full
I'm faithful to the fullest
Spirit on the line plus speedier then bullet
Coolin' in the sun rays waitin' on my upgrade
Evolution in these last days always
[Speaking: Grouch]
You have followed us into exploration of sound vibration
And further examinations of dimensions of the mind, space and time
Do not be alarmed of the apparent appearance of the misguided planet
For everything is fully under your control if you so choose it to be that way
See that