[Intro: Nappy]

[Verse 100% bracket: J-Franks]
J-Franks a March Madness god
Yeah, you know
My bracket always the least flawed
Ain't that right
Aight, let me break it down

I'm droppin' dimes of knowledge like Pete Maravich
Leave you pussies whipped, no pistol, bitch
I'm the Osiris of this shit, let me help you a bit
First you always choose the one seeds, ya fuckin' dimwit
And always pick an eleven seed, they won the past fourteen
Tourney predictors are wack, they brackets obscene
Jay Bilas is ugly, would look better with an Ant Davis unibrow
He's as accurate as the stock brokers who missed the fall of the dow
I'm more of a professional than these ESPN goons
Imma fork over the real knowledge while they feed you with spoons
Lil Weezy out the hospital and stickin' with the U
That motherfucker bleeds basketball like soo woo hoop
Brandon Jennings told me that college ball is wack
Now he in the league but wins is what he lack
Got a huge upset pool this year, better grab an umbrella
Cause my bracket the glass slipper, and you Cinderella