[Intro - Nappy]

[Hook - 6xPlatinum]
Throwin' six stacks on dat ass
Got cash out the ass, so back it up
While I throw six stacks on dat ass

[Verse 1 - J-Franks]
Money$Team throw lightning bolts, call us Zeus hands
The rest are special olympics and this the real Olympiad
Gotta assist these other rappers, they gon' call me Chris Paul
But when you stack us up together, only Money$Team stand tall
Count stacks of one hunnids, and we'll spit a hunnid bars
Me and Birdman's garage, I think we got one hunnid cars
Fuck these bitchmade fools, we already come threw lookin' clean
We young n***as rich that's why we called the Money$Team

[Verse 2 - Klonopin]
Anybody looking for the white kid? Well here he is
Spittin' fire, Draked up, write like you delirious
My pen's my lighter, turn the pad red like periods
Fuckin' bitches 'till they makeup run, why so serious?
I bite your shit and make it fresher, better cop that copyright
Innovator, the creator, you a carbon copy, aight?
Six Stacks, JC and Taylor finna wreck your lives
Money$Team every day, haters better recognize
[Verse 3 - FreeJC]
Our verses bullying you cause we spitting the meanest
Money$Team swaggin' hard like an erect penis
Flowin' like river, hotter than a phoenix
All these other whites look softer than a Kleenex
Them Mac Miller riding brats gettin' handed spankin's
Me and Klono eating good, nothing but the Franklins
While you fucks wit the Georgies and dive into a bush
Money$Team lightin' shit up, racks getting high like its kush

[Verse 4 - Supa Dupa Jesus]
Y'all thought I wouln't come with this flow... Ron Jeremy
Airing g'z out like an Aaron Reez bout...fitty five
Biddies try but see the fitties, fives n tsumani... Tokyo
Got that soapy flow, so I come threw looking clean...prison shower
Y'all shitting out rhymes, I'm pissing towers...Babel
Stacks so sweet, got Kat to bable "gimme a break"...busted by feds
Like my president's like Bis' career...dead
Put the team on my back cause my dough that giant...Greg n Eli
Money$Team the best mane, we did it... Eli

[Verse 5 - IATG]
As I proceed to smoke weed and blow trees the dope fiends
Like oh please you joking, I won't sneeze while toking
I got low fees, make nose bleeds, the sole king of soul king
The sole king of soaking, the sole king of soles king
If you didn't notice by now I got a lot of money
I use it as a tissue when my nose is runny
Ya'll bitches got issues and I find it funny
Money$Team kill yo ass and rape it like Ted Bundy honey
[Outro - Birdman]
Yeah! Money$Team, yo turn pleyboi!
Getchu shine of thee n***as
Give these n***as the business n***a!
Yeah, it's just that striaght gangsta shit
Stand up for one of the realest N***as in the game
Money$Team with that tight flow, y'know?
Toast to this gangsta shit, fella
Yeah, you understand me?
Playing with these motherfucking millions like they ain't nothing
Throwin' hundreds, rubber band stacks
We livin lavish
This be the flashy lifestyle
One Hunnid Million Pleyboi

[Verse 6 - MC Rimmer (Excrement) ]
Fucking dead bitches in cemetery ditches
Raping their ear so they can't hear and the fear
Atleast I'm a sex nympho beast, eating hoes toes
Stacking money sky high, robbing n***as of they lies
Plus I'm da best, incredibly interest
Yeah boy...