Go Wild
[Hook: K-Major]
If you Ever See me I was Probably Going Wild
Standing on this Table
Yeah you know I Shut it Down
Yeah I'm Going Wild
Everybody Going Wild
Catch me in the Club and You know I'm going wild
Yeah I'm Going Wild

[Verse 1: Darnell Robinson]
Look Shut it Down
The Boy Just Shut it Down
The Squares Mad at me
When my Circle comes Around
Got A Team Full of Winners
They No Losers over there
Where I'm from we Buy the Bar
You Know how they do that over There
Got my Whole Team Stunning
Whole Team Buzzing
I mean like Go Wild
Everyday get Money
Drive Fast Cars
I'm Hitting the Gas Pipe
Take Your Girl Real fast
I'm Living the fast Life
Going Wild up in here Shining
The Boy just Popped Enough Tags
And The Dudes Want to Hate
Saying he just got Money
I Tell them its just Swag
After the Party I'll be Stunting so Legit
Slash my Watch into your Wife
Now She Rolling in the Whip
Yeah I told her I'm the Shit
Oh You Told her you the Shit
Then I Grab her for the Night and When its over she goin to split

[Hook: K-Major]

[Verse 2: Issa]
I Came to Shut it Down
This ain't Drizzy Though
They Keep my Records
Spinin I Got that Dizzy Flow
So Many Girls
Who Should I Pick
Enie Miney Meenie Moe
Micky Mouse up in MY Bank
Yeah I Got that Disney Dough
Oh, Yeah we Goin Wild
Them Packers on our Proud
And You not Allowed
Better Keep your Girl Happy
Cuz I know I can Make her Smile
Don't Try to Swagger Jack me
I Know you like my Style
New Era on my Fitted
And Adidas when I'm Runnin
I'm Only 16 but Oh Yeah I'm Throwing 20's
More Shoes on my Jeans
True Religion on my money
Go Wild up in this Club
Turn a Rainy Day Sunny
And if you Ever see me...
[Hook: K-Major]

[Verse 3: Lil Chuckee]
While than I While Cat
Wilder Than a Wild Cat
All Black Plus I'm Fly, Wild Bat
Ahead of my Time but my Body's just Hour Back
Tryna Hate and Shh with him but I Don't Allow that
Me and Darnell Posted on a Sofa Never Somkin
But my Pockets Steady Loaded Think I'm Playing Try to Hold it Yeah
Date a Bartender, A Hundred for the Sprite
Twaps at my Neck I'm Having one Heck of a Night
Spend Thirty on Some Shades
Tell me what the Heck was I on?
The Way She move her Booty
Its Like a Cyclone
I'm Wildin
Youngest one in the Club
Standing on this Sofa
Throwing Money Up

[Hook: K-Major]

[Verse 4: D-Pryde]
Pint Sized Animal
Major Born Rabies
Never White Boy Wasted But I'm Asian Boy Crazy
I Shut it Down
No Restart
I Gotta a Flow you ain't Heard of Yet
If You Got the Word
Yeah I Got a Little Glow no Neon
I Just Pop in the Spot no Respawn
It's Like Magic
Tell'em I'll be Gone
Got your Chicks Going Sick
And They're Shaking Like a Seizure
With their Hands Up & Down Like a Seesaw
See me in a Spot
I'll be Chilling
We're all Stunting
Yeah I'm Sober
But I'm Acting Like I'm on Something
Older Girls Approach me Like I'm Probably up for Plays
Till I Told them I'm Young
And I'm not Even of Age
But Everywhere Show out
I'm Stunting and There's No Doubt
Got'Em First Pumping Like Pauly
All I Need is a Big Blow
[Hook: K-Major]