4 O’Clock
Okay look, I was wide awake, sitting up, I had my back to the headboard
I was smoking a little cigarette to relax myself, my head felt dead sore
I was in Emba**y, backing off Blue Alize, energized off Red Bull
I was watching this little choong ting, she said "hi", her names Tiffany from Bethnal...Green
Hi I'm Ash from Kensal Green
Actually from Kensal Rise
To be presice
She looked at me up and down and said, "your seethrough Nikes are well cool"
She introduced me to her friend Dawn
I introduced her to my friend Shawn
My game was on point like a pencil, and we started to then talk
She was like telling me... she was... hold on, what was she telling me?

(hook in background)
No, how can I not recollect man, awww I must've been out of my mind
I swear I was smashed... nah man, aww what was she telling me?
Nah, nah man
Oh, okay now I remember!

She was telling me shes going to Bristol to go to uni in September
All I remember, was not caring
Just staring
At her exposed cleavage, and taking her back to the yard and taking off what she was wearing
Two twos one yout start swearing
Then one of them South youts bottled him up on the floor, then after that... yea the ravers just aired him
Promoters locked it, girls grabbed their coats, phoned them when we got outside, asked them what whip they're in
This is the 207, followed them back to theirs and...
(hook in background)
I was like "cool, but oioi cause man... I gotta drive bruv... f**k...
Might as well drop me off innit
Go to his tings yard
I was lipsing my one's neck in her yard like..
Took off the Lasenza
Put on the cony, and just beat it
Then I started sleeping, would you believe it started dreaming

Thinking that rave was soo tough
And this girl right here is so buff
But her yard is fra**, haha, she's just a sexy broke sl*t
And then I thought hold up
This ain't your bed, then I woke up
And then I thought "oh f**k"
Aww Ashley you're soo f**ked
If you go home, try to sneak in the bed, I swear your wifey's gonna go nuts
You Wasteman! C'mon last night why was you soo drunk
Its got to 4 in the morning, its starting to get light outside you doughnut
I was soo hung over
And I sat up and now I got this b*t*h on my shoulder
I don't even smoke but grabbed a cigarette slapped myself in the face got sober
Im gonna wait 5 minutes, pick my clothes up
Dress myself then phone up
My brejin, and say yo blood
I beg you come get me, I need to go home blood
(outro)(hook in background)
What do you mean man
Dont take the p*ss blood
Aww for fu- blood you've got my whip though man
Alright f**k it you know what meet me back in the ends innit
I'll jump in a cab or something...
Huh? is this girl serious
This girl must be mad I swear to God
Get out of here man, Im gone yea
Yea boss, I need a cab innit
Kensal Rise
40 pounds, are you mad?!