[Verse 1: Bashy]
F**k all the soft sh*t
Festivals and all the moshpits
No matter how much police Boris puts on the road
Man will spray your blood on the wall like dog p*ss
It's either bars, balling or boxing
Or bars, bricks and boxes
There's no beach here but you can catch a tan, heat
Man use rocks to make a bag of sand, G
I ain't talking no homo sh*t
When I say that a lot of n***as bang
And they're getting licked down
And there's a lot of crack
And the job opportunities are wack
It's mad
Nobody wants to give you a penny
You'd be better off living as tramp
We're all living in the ghetto
And dealt the same the same cards
So one day you're gonna snap

[Hook: Donae'o]
And it's grim
They bang and stab
And if they get banged, they bang them back it's grim
It's grim
Young blacks go purchase a gat
And rat-ta-tat-tat like that
It's grim
Mummsie crying, mummsie weeping, I ain't lying
Boy it's grim
The lifestyle right now is to wild out
Take time out
Tek tek tek time out
Tek tek tek tek tek time out
Tek tek tek time out
Tek tek tek tek tek time out
Tek tek tek time out
Tek tek tek tek tek time out
Tek tek tek time out
Tek tek tek tek tek time out
[Verse 2: JME]
They don't care what crew you're in
Any man on the high road could get spin
I see man scuffing it out in the barbers
Arguing over the chair for the trim
You could be weight pumping
You could wedge or toned and thin
Man carry tools to make sure that
They're at an advantage if you go gym
You're at the cashpoint hiding your pin
But you forget to hide your things
Man robbing mobile phones for jokes
They won't even let you keep your sim
Everyman is on this ting
No matter what rudeboy talk you bring
So don't come round these ends
You won't make friends

[Hook: Donae'o]

[Verse 3: Donae'o]
It's like a man knows no peace
When he holds those keys
The game's so deep
I didn't choose the game. it chose me
A life as a rider
I ride through the night like a rider
Mans nowadays don't care about the 9 to 5 or no rat race
No jobs, there's no way to get paid, so give me that white and a shank mate
Or give me the music or boxing
Give me a glove, and I'll box him down
Or give me a tool with that full clip
Boy better know that I'll shot him down
The fact is I'm a man, so I gotta grind on my lonely
I was born alone and I'm gonna die on my lonely
[Hook: Donae'o]