Harder Better Faster Stronger
Tell you what it is man, you been on the grizzle?
You been on the grizzle? Man I been on the grizzle!
You get me? So, anyone out there that don't like man
All I got to say is, f**k you pu**y!
That's you..

[Verse 1]

Yeah, I said in 2004 I was ignored
Well, now to the top of the list i've sawed
Mixtapes selling out, now a strong force
Man pay to hear my vocal cords
It's Bashy, lyrically in the top four
And I ain't even had an album in stores
Fam, I'm a murkers I end careers in wars
Blood, man don't want it with Bash no more
I'm gonna go mersh, then I'm gonna open doors
So my mandem don't have to break laws
I mean why be rich if my folks are poor?
Why be in the sky if, they're on the floor?
That's long innit
I got my head screwed on man
I know where I'm going cause I know where I've gone
Out to my boy Valerie, Rest In Peace
I'm the best artist, signed or in the streets
Don't get it twisted!

(Work it, make it)
(Do it, makes us)
You lot are young cakes man
Understand I'm the best in the game
I suggest you guys don't even step in my face
Cause I'm
(Harder,) I'm (Better)
I'm (Faster), I'm (stronger)
That's right so know what time it is
(More than), that's right (hour) that's what I want
(Hour, never)
Yeah man better know their self
Dunknow, deya deya yeah
I'm the best in the game don't you know
(Ever, after)
(Work is,) F**k with me your career will be (over)