​The Code
Loving You
Loving you, it fills me up with
A part of you, oh baby. It's all you
But there's something making doubt
And I know you'll be right here, loving you throughout the night, oh....

[8 bars]

Have you looked into your heartbeat?
Only true emotion there
It'll show you that your heart is mine
It's all been true, that I've been right here....

Loving you (2x)
Who's that loving you? (2x)
....did they take my place, baby?

Loving you (2x)
Who's that loving you?
And I'll be loving you 'til the end of our tune

[Verse 2: P-Reign]
I got love for you, I truly do
Ain't nothin' changed so I'm still the same
Always ride around in that hoopty-hoop
She ain't once complained, let me explain
Bad bitches love real n***as
And real n***as love loyal women
'bout to wear that ass out like raw denim
Got to throw the sheets cause thats all in 'em
Woah, yes Lord, good God
Long night, no prob
Come and give your heart to a heartthrob
You deserve a raise for that blowjob
Yeah, I'm your employer
Few things that I'd love to show you
Used to be cold when it came to hoes
Like thanks for that ass, but it's nice to know you
Ooh, you change all that
Still run the city in a Range, all black
Dying for a chance, but when homeboys ask
You say "yeah she aight but she ain't all that"
Ooh, them hatin' dudes, gotta watch for them hatin' dudes
But as soon as you catch them out, they start talking funny like them Haitian dudes
Got a ring, put a jewel in it
Hot girl but I'm cool with it
Like cool, lemme cool you off, so I went and copped a crib with a pool in it, rule with it
Tall money let's do with it
Only a fool would try to fool with it
Cause that's my girl and it's our world, still loving you ain't nothin' new with it