Fresh Veggies
Fresh…Veggies [x2]

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
I need like 100 mill but you know it take time
You rappers ain’t fly as me but I respect you tryin
You don’t make no real music, I don’t expect if you signed
Got bad hoes in my circle, got my main chick on my line
Young n***a movement, time is money we don’t waste time
Back in high school she did the homework, man is she fine
N***as hatin on me, they don’t like the way that I shine
Shawty started trippin' damn man that’s a sign
She fell in love with the boy, know the songs, the girl’s lovin the boy
Came with that concept cause she always tryna fuck with the boy
Shawty ain’t bout no money
I don’t even think she makin love with the boy
She just like the police
Always be cuffin a boy
This world don’t really put trust in a boy
So I chill, just fuck with my boys
That’s a pyramid scam, I do not fuck with you boy
Don’t need yo mechanic, I go to the dealer
Pay what you owe her you gon get a visit
I ain’t even wanna slam
Pull up in that new shit, that’s 4 hoes, Fresh Veggies
Try that shit on me, oh man goddamn
She try to pass on me, I’m going in for that slam
Let’s play around with these bands
I told em…
We got it man
Yea, Fresh Veggies
100 million
Ah man
Let’s get it


[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
I don’t know where my mind goin
I don’t know where these bitches going neither
I know that the one I got is bad
Okay she bad but does that mean that she a keeper?
Ayo a lot of these fans be some sleepers
You see I always had lines that’s deeper
And even though some people don’t always get em
I still pack em and I ship em and I turned into a killer cause I couldn’t be the victim
One of the hottest in my city cuz I drop gems
Truly grateful, Lord I’m thankful that I’m not them
I keep it chill, and let them n***as have the street shit
I’m on my seven different countries in a week shit
And smoke a quarterback and treat it like it’s cheap shit
They think they fly but Rockie Fresh is known to flee flick
Run it, I don't think they ready
Flow so heavy, fuck around and break a levee
This world’s so deadly so I’m livin for the moment
I do it how she want it, make her tat my name on it
She love my energy, Redbull, I give her wings
Designer shoes and bags and other nice things
Fight for my position way before the bell dings
I hope it’s bout some money every time my phone rings
They try to hold me down but from the ground I just spring
Let’s roll one up and make a toast, the young is living like kings