Gimme That
[Verse 1]
Okay, right of the back, I bite and attack
I jump on the track like I'm furious with it
I kill it and bury it, it's fucking hilarious
I have all them haters like ''oh, she done did it, or who she think she is, or who she gone be" but then
"Oh my god I feel so defeated cause Angel just killed me''
I honestly feel my entire career been control+alt+deleted"

All about this ratchetry, fuck them bitches they had before me
I'm fucking this beat, I'm overgrown, basically this is statutory, damn
Well, I'm basically on my own clit
I don't need no squad behind me, bitch, I do my own shit
Killing these bitches, killing these n***as
My tongue is a bullet, I'm lyrically triggered
I leave you disfigured
I'm Adolf to Hitler
Set fire to n***as, I'm burning my bridges
I kill all you n***as, I promise you're finished
I'm honestly winning, can't tell me no different
I eat all this shit, put my confidence in it
Y'all ain't on my level or competence, n***as

Gimme that, bitch, better gimme that
I'm about the hoes too, bitch, where the chimney at?
Shit, gimme that, bitch, better gimme that
I'm coming for the crown
Aren't you down like gimme that?
[Verse 2]
I'm hotter than a hundred degrees, look, I'm on fire, ho
Been sweating my dreams tryna make them get their perspire on
They jocking my swag, look like they up in that biter zone
Fuck these rappers, they're old, I'm the day that they expired on
I mean it, the meanest barambambam bam
And I'm just kicking on their asses like a temper tant-drum
Yo, ya bitches is riding, ya n***as is even crazier
And I'm just stunting hard on my first letter of Xavier
I did it, I did it, tell them I'm about to blow, bitch
I'm in it to finish your career, about to be ghost, bitch
Perfect don't exist, but I bet that I'm the closest
And nobody can beat me like I'm rap's tuberkuloses