Through the Eyes of a Hurricane
[Verse 1]
Lights dim
Somewhere in the east of the city
These thoughts swim between
Reality and a dream
I just wanna be alone for a minute
I'm just thinking about how I ain't been home for a minute
Thinking like oh my God, this life
She wants more of mine
Uh, I guess you weren’t ready for me
I heard most of my past have gone quiet on me
See, drinks with you, became drinks over you
But I think I’m going sober man that shit's over due
Truth is
All my brothers with me are some of the realest
Fearless clearest minded souls ever untold
You must have been mistaken
Don’t get it fucked up
Can’t afford to get it fucked up right now
Black and white lenses distort the perspective
Promised my mum I’d be back before the end of this sentence

And we’re alright with the darker side
It’s inevitable, waiting for a dream
And we’re alright with the darker side
It’s inevitable, waiting for a dream
[Verse 2]
I tell my story
How dare you tell it for me
I walked into your world, you watched me leave through the other side
She was wishing for more, Channel & Dior
While I was washing my sins in some Dom Pérignon
This vertigo got my back up against the views
That I grew in a darkroom
I told you I’d be back before the sun sets
Breaking bread with my flat mates
I’m grounded now I’m over that
Yeah, and now she wants me back
I guess that’s only right
She only wants a home at the highest heights
3 and a half thousand miles of perspective
But still couldn’t outrun the stars grip of the pencil
I can help you to overcome all your fears
Let them water fall like your tears
Overcome your nightmares for a dream
They say there’s no life in the comfort zone
And no life where the cameras go
So where were you when I was coming up
I took my time and in time I trust
If beauty is pain, art is risk, what does that make love
Treading a fine line on my way to God
The path feels straight vertical
Follow the skyscrapers to the place that we’ve been dreaming of
I promise I won’t let you fall this time
Finally satisfied with everything I’ve left behind
And we’re alright with the darker side
It’s inevitable, waiting for a dream
And I'm falling, falling, falling
Will you be there when I can see

[Extra Notes]
I’ve been rethinking Paris
Everything that happened
I feel apprehensive
Too reach out
And send my blessings
Forget about mishaps
Life’s too short
To back track
Looked in your eyes
A hand shake
Over prides back

I’ve been working hard
In and out of uni
Life’s a movie
I just keep it under wraps
And let the music speak for me

This is a part of me
I never started I’ll l never finish
Probably die
Half way through a lyric
We’re all good till our dreams outgrow our friendship
You didn’t share my vision
Its fruition blew your mind
Things change over time
I learnt to embrace that
I can’t persuade you to be the friend that you were way back
Your mother had my photo on her fridge
All the years we’ve missed
I just text you what’s been good
Tryna build a bridge
But you ain't tryna cross
Already crossed me off

When they love you for the cold days
I’m still here like always
So caught up in the life style
Reminiscing on the old days

We got it like that

Do you love me do you trust me
Told me you don’t really know home
Said it ain't the same if I ain't there
My room