One Time
Ladies and gentlemen, I need you rocking with me right now

Turn Up one time, yeah this the last time
Last time you said that this last time
Do it one time, all good in due time
Fucked over one time, and thats the last time

Do it for the City, Women all pretty
Attitudes shitty, gotdamn what a pity
Getting real litty
Squad all with me
Man I love MIAMI when you do it for the City
Starting at the Cabin, Uber pulling up
Take a shot for the road now we really going nuts
Take a rip from the bong and your homie got a pen
Got smoke in your lungs time and time and time again
So you getting real high, wanna get low
Came out to dance so you putting on a show
Glance to the person that you wanna take home
Looking like a saint but you give that super dome
Like woah
Super-Nova with the heat
Down to do whatever but a Lady in streets
Double up a workout if I get her in the sheets
She Skrt when she riding, lift the skirt, then I skeet
Skiing down a slope
Wetter Than a Moat
Rolling up the dope
Tie her down without the rope
But baby get the rope
You know we do the most
Burning bread to toast
Thank the lord we never boast
But we rocking with best
East, to the West
Beats that been pressed by
Beasts That been Blessed
Beating out the rest
Beating on my chest
Searching for an X, on the Map, Treasure chest
Digging up a debt when I buy another drink, but for you
I will, buy the avenue
Shooting my shot like MJ with the Flu
Get you in a snuggy when I change that attitude
People all gone, and it’s only me & you
Dancing like a queen, royal blood I assume
Get you in positions that you never would assume
Bringing you the boom from the couch to the room
Like Vroom
Then we really get to zoom, shaking your hips like Zumba when we groove
Make me wanna pounce like simba on the move
Smoke another ounce then I rearrange your Mood
Feeling so fresh, that I’m quite impressed, pushing 3 AM and we want no rest
Sparking up a blunt till there’s no blunt left
Sparking up a blunt till there’s no one left
That’s for real