Oak Creek
Aye, Woah, Aye
Ain't talkin Nike, I ran it up and Now they Shocked
Like a dread, Bitch I got this shit on lock
I could never give my love to a thot
Kicked her right up out the spot. She was talking too much
All white diamonds on me like the Klu Klux
I keep dropping racks off. I'm so clumsy
I peep everything, N***a I'm no dummy
You get what you want when you got it. You popping, you do what you want
I put my bags in the hood, n***a. The trunk in the front
Imma rebuild Oak Creek, n***a. Cause that's where I'm from
When I get rich, Imma give back. N***a, I ain't nothing like Trump

[Verse 1]
I don't need no Wi-Fi. Everywhere I go, I'm connected
Plugged in like electric, yeah. Bitch I'm well respected
They say I'm a genius. I got super intellect
And my bitch a genius. She gives super duper head
And my n***a bleeding. He bang super duper red
If it ain't bout no money, I ain't hear nothing you said
And I know I'm the GOAT. You ain't gotta give me credit
And I'm swiping swiping. I might just fuck up your credit

[Verse 2]
I ain't got no wifey, but I got rings on my finger
Talk on Skype from overseas with a diva
She can't look me in my eyes. She say I'm evil
My heart cold, bitch. I got it out the freezer
N***a can't ride this wave. A n***a got style for days
Medium rare my steak. Everything rare my taste
I put this shit together just like a mechanic and have them amazed
N***as bleed just like me, so it ain't no excuse not to be paid