Shake it, shake it, shake it
Shake it, shake it, shake it
Oh lord ...
Shake it, Shake it

Bad lil freak. Saint Laurent feet
I know what she wants. I know what she needs
I just want some money. I just want some CREAM
He don't want no problems. Blicky got the beam
'Yeen having drip, gotta dip. Please
Naw, I ain't worried bout a bitch. Please
Shawty wanna fuck cause my wrist on freeze
Can't cuff a hoe, but I love a freak
Freak. Freak. Freak. Freak

[Verse 1]
Bitch I pop shit. You can't stop shit
N***as flip flop like some Crocs bitch
We the hot shit, boy you Not shit
At the tip-top. They can't top this
What you want? Shawty, pick out what you want bitch
Come and kick it with a n***a. Fuck a punt. Sheeshh
And she got it on her
Hot like a fucking sauna
Im so cold I might catch Pneumonia
She just looking for a come up
I know you got a friend. She can get it too
I'm an animal. I belong in the fucking Zoo
The way I kill the pussy, I could make the news
I ain't tripping bout a bitch. I could tie my shoes... Ooh

She a 'Super Freak' bitch I'm Rick James
These hoes doing strange things for a piece of change
Suck me while I'm driving. Got me swerving lane to lane
Give me bald head, like Major Payne
Yo hoe tryna sneak and link. She should be ashamed
Damn.. I should be ashamed. I don't even know her name
I call her "Freak." She keeps that cat neat
When she's on her knees, she leaves me deceased
But I can not cuff her, I'm not the police
But, bitch I'm chasing these racks.. Damn
Double A G, know I'm All About Guap. Thats facts, damn
X Triple I, (Thirteen) What you know about that?