Oh Lord

Big rings, they thought I married a B****
Big green, I’m counting cabbage and s***
Living, we living lavish and s***
Thirteen, they know we having this s***
Rick Owens mixed with the Raf Simons
They doing bad business, I just want mad digits
I’m in my bag, I’m in it. You going out sad, you trippin
Outfit rad, Dripping. These n****s p**** you Cat, kitten
I’m a big dog like Brad. I’m Pitting’

[Verse 1]
Big body Benz might hog up the lanes
I’m tryna’ cop me a Bentley Mulsanne
B**** I’m the bomb like Saddam Hussein
This drip rare, yo s*** outdated
Like old black pants, I’m way too faded
Cut the cap. I don’t want to hear it, you can save it
I’m on the grind, Tony Hawk Pro Skater
These n****s sweet like Now & Laters
I just copped a brand new wrist piece, but the s*** way too heavy
Had to put some brand new ice in my Bezzy’
Presidential matte black Chevy
1 of 1, you can’t get this s*** off the shelf
All that hating ain’t good for your health
Need to get some s*** off your chest? (Aye)
And I’m rocking water like Phelps (Aye)
Double “C” , Double “G” , Gucci
I’m living Gucci. My life a movie
My diamonds wet like jacuzzi
And my diamonds dance like Uzi
Finger f*** the ring like a coochie
Mother f*** the fame, I be f***ing on blue cheese
I could give a f*** about a groupie
They know I got it. They thinking I’m Hoodbaby
No baby. Get on the beat and I go crazy
Lately I been rocking ...

[Verse 2]
Yesterday I ain’t even put on a ‘fit
Still dripped out. Still at the top-top
These n****s pissed off cause I’m on my s*** now
And they can’t get down with the gang
These n****s lame, N****s can’t hang
They was talking s*** now these h**s on my d***
Look how they switch for the fame and the money and the chains
For the M’s I probably couldn’t blame you
Put a beam on his head. Now he looking like an Indian
These n****s sweeter than muhf***ing cinnamon
Money is my muhf***ing synonym
They know he’s hot so they envy him
He is me, I am Him, He is the chosen one
They call me Lord, but I’m not the holy one
Imma feed your b**** balls after the club, that’s a Hole-in-One
Hit and run like I don’t got no insurance
I run this s*** like I got good endurance
My diamonds clear like hydrated urine
I am not in the tax bracket that you’re in
I am so sick, I think I need curing
All these lil n****s my children
Shawty eat the whole d***, she ain’t sharing
I make her sing like Ed Sheeran
Bust a b**** down, now her p**** needs repairing