Gary Jules

Old man on a barstool
Watching TV
He got up and came over to sit closer to me
He said you look familiar
To someone I knew
But when we were your age we were older than you
Jimmy was 20
And I 17
To us there was nothing but girls and machines
Jimmy got married
And I went to war
I still don't know what we were doing it for
And if you'll buy me a drink
A Turkey on ice
Then I could give you some advice

You just stay in the bar
For as long as you can
'Cause as long as you're drinking
Then you've got the world in your hand

There's no shame in hanging
The world by a string
You know there's no harm in not thinking a thing
Trying to find a place for yourself in this world
Is like trying to make a wife of an American girl
And if you'll trade me a drink
For a story or two
Then you'll know what you need to do
You just stay in the Bar
For as long as you can
You know love is for sissies
It's whiskey that makes you a man

Now the old man got up
Stumbled out in the street
Been drinking all day left his bar tab with me
I didn't have the money
To cover his bill
Well I found me a man who looked like me, younger still
And I said
Buy me a drink
And I'll tell you a tale
About the old man who taught me so what

Who said
Stay in the bar
For as long as you can
Well I know you're a friend
I can tell by the shapes in your hand

You just
Stay in the Bar
For as long as you dare
As long as you're tipping
Then you've got a good friend somewhere