Gary Jules
Ghosts In The Cotton
You keep the faith
And I will be keeping my distance
You won’t find me starving
In the shadow of no sacred cow
They’ll be howling my name
In the halls of least resistance
On the inside, down below

I wasted my time
Now she's returning the favor
For the summer I spent
Opiated down Koh San Road
Divine in the arms
Of a prodigal daughter of Jesus
On the inside, down below

Don't look down when you’re falling falling
Don't look back when you’re walking away
Got ghosts on the railroad
Ghosts in the cotton
Heaven to hope for
Nothing to say

Hey Otis come see
There's a snakecharmer covering Pavement
Singing "silent kit don't lose your graceful tongue"
And deliver my soul from the bonds of entertainment
On the inside, down below