Millennium Falcon
[Verse 1 - DNick]

Real recognize real
That's what real say
But what happens when the real turns out fake?
Yo what happens when you're 15 seconds late?
Man you lose that opportunity
And they never hear what you have to say
These chances
Taking Them
And never losing
Proof to carry
This game on my back
Like Atlas
Lose it all in one shrug
Man, that's a half-wit
Yo that's crazy kid
It's a crazy sitch
This some save the world music
Man, That's all I spit
So you should listen for a long not a short time
Eagle lyrics as the meanings go
Yeah they fly by
Sky high
Yo I'm sky High
Sailing on these rivers from the tears that they cry
Twice shy
Once bitten
Me and Hip Hop
What the heck is the difference
[Hook - Kavinsky]

There's something inside you
It's hard to explain
They're talking about you boy
But you're still the same [x2]

[Verse 2 - DNick]

I'm realizing that I'll never be the same man
Hidden genius in the game
Rap's Rain Man
Rain check for the set that you bang man
World is in my inventory
Drop it for these lames man
Brain Man
Staying in my lane man
Ain't playing games man
Bust a Move
Bust a Groove
Stick a photo in a frame, for these games man
Generations gone for a new to play man
They say I sound like Bino
I'm fine with that man
He's the sickest of people
Hold on a sec
Yo drop the beat
D's on their soles
So they show their defeat
I may not make it like I want
But that's my only doubt
Rapping Northern Style
But I'm living in the South
Metal Slug
And a mission
Me and Hip Hop
What the Heck is the difference
[Hook - Kavinsky]