Finish Line
Our time has been running out
And there ain't no way to catch it now
Let's say goodbye and walk it out
Was I hard to love?
Cause I just can't seem to find enough
I think this is the end of us
Finish line

[Verse 1]
Separation, you and me and
Everything that you say is turning me
Future's blinding your eyes dying
Inside your heart is cold

And I think we should face it
We've both been complacent
There's no point tryna save it
And boy, let's not deny it
We haven't been trying
I'm through with all the crying


[Verse 2]
Long time coming, we've been fronting
Let's not fake this any longer now
We should let go, turn back, walk away and
Leave this all behind


The light is fading and I'm heading to the darkness, baby
Memories falling apart
I can't keep holding, see my arms don't seem to let me
Gotta use my head not my heart

Yeah, yeah, yeah (finish line)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (finish line)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (finish line)