Future Shock
I was born in '82
'bout the time of the Cold War flu
Born when the world was small
Before we connected the zoo
But look at the way we grew
Dropped the borders, but we kept them walls
The things we made to pull us close push us all
We hear the ring, but we screen the calls

So close we can almost touch
So far we don't speak on the bus
So close I can almost see your breath
So far I can't hear your words
I don't go a day without a b***on press
The years go by in a blur
The time a-plenty, inbox full
So why do I feel so god damn empty?
But look at how connected we are now
The whole globe at your fingertips
Speed the pace, it's an instant fix
Space age, but I feel boxed in
And it's wide open, and I'm dying to know
Why I feel disconnected
Am I dreaming demons, alienated
Or do I just get what I expected?
They say it's greed that keeps people turnin'
Feeds the lonely and the beasts of burden
East of Eden, but at least we're earnin'
The ice is meltin'
And the trees are burnin'
Reporters say that it's all but lost now
And all we can do is watch
So I walk with my shoulders dropped
Watch these blocks stack up with stores
Is this what we're working for?
Filling that home with goods, what's good
But the chokehold ain't local no more
It's global and closin' its doors
And it ain't about right or wrong, what side you're on
But the things we traded
How many sights for how many sites
How is your life, how is your life?
And I don't mean "Do you like your life?"
I mean "What is your life like?"
I ain't tryin' to be deep, believe me
I'm just tryin' to keep my head above water

I was born in '82
But I live in two-thousand and now
All the things I thought I knew
Turns out they were never around
And all the people I met today
Well, they all the same
Fillin' that emptiness
Fill it up with Fendi till the trendiness fades
Then throw that thing away

I want the one with the new features
Till the next one, out there
Bury it a little deeper
Add on to the man made mountain
You can have it all, the campaign toutin'
The cars and the champagne fountain
But that pool's only deep enough to sink
But these fools don't even stop to think
They just want that bubbly
Now they spillin' on you, ain't that lovely?
What a mess since they jumped in
Now they scream "Save me, save me" to the public
But, but we barely, barely know the subject
We all out, doin' for us
In so far, so far and fat
So near, so packed
We don't speak on the bus
Loss of love, loss of mind
Uh huh
Loss of love, loss of mind
Runnin' out of time
Loss of love, loss of mind
Loss of love, loss of mind
Damn near outta time