[Verse 1: Sims]
Now I’m playing with the house money
I’m out of mind, checked out, out of line
And if I come back it’s only good for store credit
No return no receipt
No surrender no surprise their
Paradigm seems a couple dimes short of a sum that’ll change something
Tell me that the money matters
I’m outside setting fire to the ladder

We came to aim, we came to aim
Key rings and chains
We ain’t the same
I made my lane with the same paint
That they waste on the town that is owned by the bank
By the hope, by the throat, by the angst
By the hoax that is cloaked in a rank
Pull up the people, pull up the stakes
By the time that they pull up the tanks

Now you’re playing with the God money
Looking like a little man, nose runny
Thinking on another plan, huh dummy?
Pull the teeth out man we’re all hungry

And I know where to look when I’m going, when I’m gone
When I’m broke, when I’m way out
Yeah, I been living with the same sick that we all came down with
And I know where to go when I’m lost
Where to cope when I need a little hideout
Yeah, but nothing new under the sun
So head up and get up and get on the run
[Verse 2: P.O.S.]
Yeah, uh
I got that beast face
Yeah, I’m a trapper star
Waking up muddy, going to bed bloody
Bees in a, wait, thieves in a trap
Hands cover face, scream into that
Handle whose fate, strap in whose lap
Not so much a weapon, Doomtree prepping
Look back fondly, 20/20 calmly
Dug a hole headed for the f**kin' pine trees
Hit the pa**port, palm seas, cool breeze
Minnesotan, let it burn like the fall leaves color
Nutter, stutter step the suffer
Rep like a torch through b***er, f**ker

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Mike Mictlan]
So you the Boogie Man, huh? (Yeah right)
Where you at? I ain’t scared
Bend prism in the dark, dilated, workin' with the moonlight
I can see who’s hunting
Wherever I go, there I am
Eyes wide open, not for nothing
Sucka headspin until it nod off
Hyperventilated, mind eradicated
Boy I’m lucky I made it, lil homie be a boy
Man that’s game, then why ya’ll runnin?
Bet I can see you in the dark Ghost Busted
What? I could tell who to trust now
And I never ever will, I never ever will again
Break will to the inner boost feeling booze illin'
Who’s healing, who's killing who, safe house new ceiling
[Hook x2]