Cabin Killer
[Verse 1: Dessa]
Like the clock in the gut of the 'gator
They all talk (tick)
Earned every dime in my pocket
They pocket watching
Eyes wide—you must've gotten in the belladonna
Watch if you wanna
I work in that Castellano lisp
French Resistance, Oxford comma
Get press like I’m all cuff and collars
Winter’s brisk, double down, if you’re gonna stay on it
Seasons here even freeze the deep water
But it keeps the genes hardy
So feed a fever, the winter we starve keep
Razor in the cheek, robin in the ribcage
Braided in the street, hair down in the crib stay
Easy on the beat
Mouths get easier to feed
Meter’s running, every minute gotta matter—move
I got a minimum to meet

[Verse 2: Sims]
I’m in that two-seater beater bumping Big Freedia
Scheming on something I could eat up
With this dime and this nickel
I might take down Visa for the three percent I feed them
I am not your profit
I am Travis f**king Bickle
Kill a paparazzi lobby
Bring the body down to Lockheed
Stuff it in a Maserati
Just playing, that’s just the funny sh*t I’m dreaming
While I’m pouring your Chianti
Serve a couple tables and I’m off on my Bianchi
I’m outie kemosabe weaving all these zombies by me
Money, money, money all they ever f**king say
I should’ve left yesterday
Okay I need a couple bucks to fill my cup and you know this
But holding on to something gold never was the focus
Never fell for the hocus pocus, it’s all bogus
Bullsh*t, goldfish, guppies, yuppies f**king disgust me
Ugly man, I’m sick of this sh*t so I untie my wrists
And I undock my ship
I dream a new planet with only fun occupants
So I unc*ck my hips and I dance like an idiot
See how electric my city is
Lake City pacemaker
Put the pulse in it
Big Sims and I keep it authentic
[Verse 3: Mike Mictlan]
Running Man jump back, bio-funk divisible
Hungry Jack swing, hide your trunk visible
Steel wool brillo teeth, sleepin like I’m Hampton
Leak blood in widow's peaks, geekin up vampin
C’mon Dougie I been rap—frrserious
4 minus 5 (1) Fantastic Furious
WWF, www dot calm the f**k down right now
Or you’ll get WW3’d, all of you dummy to me
Money turn putty when fuddy duddies act funny with me
D-Bo everything, eenie meanie that’s mine
I said gimme guh-gimme gimme gimme plenty
Beamer and the Sim simma
The Vimmy, the semi
Petty bounty, any penny or any fedi
Homie is you relevant? Lemme get a piece
I’ma retell it, develop it, sell it to the beast
Rollin in a bread box, mayo spillin
On the ceiling, bailing 187
Satan kneeling, hailing, doing my bidding
Grillin, never chillin, I’m Hella Frreal
Peeling on God’s lemons, spillin milk, drowning kittens
Sick hurlin, feelin like I’m illin, wheelin, and dealin
Mike the Thriller, chill killer it’s been a minute
You can show and prove, I’ma stand and deliver it
[Verse 4: Cecil Otter]
I’m peeling off into the city lights
Dripping like Dali in the alleyways
I had my way with the ways of the world but the world found its way back
Gray slacks, paid tax
Laid tracks to the last spike
But that was last night
Wait um, that was just the D M T um
We young, we dumb, we full of gun powder

[Verse 5: P.O.S.]
We got em back against they feelings
They bent, they went willing
We didn’t push em
Nah, tell them f**kers to Stay Puft
Marshmallow men, harsh mellows
When they get in ya space then settle in
Never let em again
Throw p*ss, throw em off of ya scent
And never let em again
They placate like we here to pretend
Never let em in