Fleet Foxes
[Verse 1]
So the mind won't lie
And the arm won't set
And the bright red eye
Isn't off you yet

So the words won't come
And the hand won't touch
And a midnight sun
Doesn't look like much

As an iris contracts
Facing the day

(I can tell you've cracked
Like a china plate.)


[Verse 2]
When the world insists
That the false is so
With a philippic, as Cicero
"The tighter the fist
The looser the sand"
[If I don't resist
Will I understand?]

Ooh, ooh, ooh

[A bright clearing]

[Verse 3]
All things change
Dividing tides
Far as I can see
All fades through
But a (light / lie) of you
As Eellllyyaaalliiiiiyyy

All I see–
Dividing tides–
Rising over me––