O.G. Crew (Heavyweights Round 3)
We are the O.G crew

[Abstract Rude]
First of all
Check it out
A.T.U, maskedmen, blac clan
Freestyle fellowship
And first brigade is in this b*t*h
Don't you know
We hold down the whole show
Huh, we just got the feeling
An ebony prince dances on the ceiling
And zulu sticks to the walls
Abstract evolves
Into a M.C with no flaws
Getting applause
Hoorah from the griots
In ya' faces
Matulas and the Aceys
And the Mikeys on Jupiter
Well I see a light
Must be that Ganja K kryptonite
We really gone rip that sh*t tonight
At a Volume of 10
And we all are important
And we have a lot to say
7 smooth M.C's make crazy cartoons
To bad we pimpin'
The story's never ending
Flows you can't shake a stick at
This big black ma** of
We give em' (fatjack)
Now we change the rhythm
We are the OG crew

West kizzy-oast
Doing the most

Everytime we come in the house
We hold down the hole damn show
We hold down the hole damn show
We hold down the hole damn show
Everytime we come in the house
We hold down the hole damn show
Fo' sho'
Everytime we come in the house
We hold down the hole damn show

Could anybody take a little time out
I'm finna' put a rhyme out
And i'm a let it climb out [stand up?]
For find it, your sure to undermind this
Behind this, fatjack consigned us to beatbreak
But you gotta pay them dues cheap skate
Ain't no free rides
When the O.G crew gonna {white out?}, you undermind
We ain't no joke or no jibe
Wanna take the filling out your inside
Right or wrong, be strong
We're gonna keep on keeping on
O.G original god gangsta griot biotch
Here me now, see me not
Things be not, Acey got the whole place hot
We are who the O.G crew
And you know we giving up that W
I thought you knew
And this the sh*t we love to do
Cause we are true
And we can't be fade
If ya' masqueraded
Or if ya' perpetrated
I hate it
We are the O.G crew

[Volume 10]
Ins-credible, i'm not edible
You can not taste me
Get away from me
I'm not a pastry
I hate you mother-f**kers
Who come around from thee
Braggin, boasting and toasting
Like bread and b***er
I wanna know murder
Red run, redrum
Have you run
I'm gonna kill someone today
I'm bugging {to the lotto play?}
This is a westcoast thing
So I must sing and scream
You know what I mean
I want you to give up
I couldn't give a f**k
If you ain't from my neighbourhood
My neighbourhood is way back
On crenshaw area
Ya' know
Where fools are scared of a murderer
And a motherf**ker who is down with the game, god
This westcoast thing
We are the O.G crew

Every once in a while
Them n***as come and sample our style
Who breath, aggrieve?
That thief from 3000 miles
Feel free to steal from me
But remember who your asking to
This west coast blow up from mad men
And who are you when it comes to bumbling runs
And uh, forget where it began
Cause westcoast is running shhh
Sure you get some dap from what happened back in the days
We be freestyle
Memorabilia, hip hop, flav'
We are the O.G crew
Kicking up the sinister mustard
We serve you
So why, why, why
Do you steal are
Rhymes, rhymes, rhymes
All the time
New styles we invent
So whack M.C's must repent
The sun rise on the east
But on the west is heaven sent
And i'm gone

[Myka 9]
Whatever you ever want it done
We can do, it's true
And we'll never lie to you
We're clever too
And we'll make a fool of you
And chew and spit out your whack a** crew
We are the ultimate omen?
And there's no clue
N***a thought you knew
It's an original, individual, debuts
We're the O.G crew
One who flew over the cuckoo nest
And doo doo, foul mood
I was in a sh*tty mood
There was no feeding for thinking
Until I came through with food
[indeed I mean?] interlude
Then betwixt the mix
And some what rudeboy
It's cool too if your watching news interview
Rendezvous and we're loose screwed
Down the avenue
I would just twitch my nose
And switch my pose
Make you black and blue
Myka, acey, AB too
And ganjah K be round M.C
And fatjack got my back
And a spinal tap
And we're a little bit more verbally loose
Than Dr. Seuss and Mr Magoo
Or mother goose and winnie the pooh
I pitty the fools
F**king with the heavily weighted crew

We are the O.G Crew

Where you from fool
The south
When I put it upto my mouth
I'm guaranteed to rock the house

Miscellaneous ma***cripts
Lack mathematical, mechanical
Movements in and out of mood swings
And uh, violent trips
Rips clowns
Watch them all come tumbling down
One by one, look what i've done
Thoughtful four some
Warning flaunting styles
Rolled the Coltrane for Miles
Just to get a recipe
Give it to me
Mike-Gillespie what wrong
Your not watching my Armstrong
Strong arm flex, whats next
Easy, please, wheeze
Don't let me go
I loves to flow
All night long
You turn me off
And i'll come back on
Sacrificing lives, cars, homes, animals
Taken away by flammables
Blowing out candles with these handles
Vandles with a tag
On this [?] with my fist
I mean toe tagged and zipped in a body bag
You just got a front row seat to the morgue
Thats why I stored objects in my demolition
Put in a tenable position
To surrender inner system
Stark automatic violet
Your fronting, i'm blasting
It seems like the whole skies lit
I'm drenched in darkness and violet
Umm, trying to re-style it
And just like calling and hanging up
Find out, *96 i'm dialling

We are the O.G crew

Yeah, huh

Yo, f**k a paper caper
Brown free
Like a skyline, I rhyme
In time with my own watch
Pocket watch, dangle
On the O.G freestyle
Jazz gangsta angle
The geometry be free
My science holds my alliance down
What your name
Brown surrounded westcoast town
See brothers throwing up W in the air
And I got braids in my hair
So n***a's wanna know if i'm blood or cuz
I'm neither but i'm both
So on east coast or the west coast
I blow a toast through the chronic
Makes me sonic, bionic
Feeling like sean kemp smoking hemp
None before he naughty
24 years old, brown, stroll with gold
Diamond rings I sing song from yester-year
Drop verbal tear an i'm out

[Ganjah K]
Yeah, big shout out to the first motherf**king brigade
Big shout and rest in peace to my homeboy bombay
Yeah, this how Ganjah K
Is gonna do it for 1994

Even though I stay higher than mount everest
I got enough wind to win over the most athletic
I feels no guilt
When i'm on tilt of bud and beverages
And my sharp flow
Leave M.C's like hedges
I'm the lawnmower man
I will mo' you
I will mo' you and your whole crew
Yeah yeah yeah
I make most of you look like a fool
When it comes times
To see who rules
But on the normal i'm cool
So it's best to be my ally
Or fall by my waist side
I wake up on the wrong side everyday
Tryna' conjur up everyway to straight get paid