Brand Nubian
The Devil
[Grand Puba]
Bust it, Brand Nubian!
Who calls you into work? (THE DEVIL)
[Sadat X]
Who ??? on your day off? (THE DEVIL)
[Lord Jamar]
Well who gives you your pay? (THE DEVIL)
And who takes it away? (THE DEVIL)

[Grand Puba, Sadat X, Lord Jamar]

You mean to tell me that you're still not a slave
In the land of the free and the home of the brave?
Knowledge cipher, divided by powers equals wisdom
But to know we have to start with knowledge first
Divine evils will disperse in a hearse situation
Now we hear some people sayin that we curse
The lack of the knowledge of our self makes it worse
Science that we're droppin make the average head burst
I'm not an advocate of war, but if the colored man is gonna be on
Well I gots to be on too
And if he wants to drop a bomb I'm a drop you, word
With the gods takin back what's mine

[Sadat X]
Colored man this is the end of the line
The train ride is over now we stuck in the station
90s is the year, New York's the plantation
Should I call you master? You better run faster
I'll put your head in plaster, I'm the new overseer
You label me a primate, ape or gorilla
... but watch gorilla turn to killer
The Asiatic king but minus crazy rings
The universal god is the true and livin god
Sadat X, one of the last remainin thinkers
Come into my room and I can show you where I tinkers
With rhymes, so build the 1990 mottos
It fills my times instead of fillin bottles of cracks
And committin vile acts mostly against blacks
And you don't stop, bust it
The 1990 movement's for the black man's improvement
Now it's time to get the knowledge of your self
As I walk down the street I see the gods and cipher born
So I listen and observe the gods the seer make some getters
It's the black man's timing and righteous man's year
I'm overwhelmed, another god steps to the helming to teach us
The black man should practice what he preaches
Or at least try to live a fruitful life
Or lie peace and get some livin trife

[Grand Puba]
I had a brother say I'll wash the clothes and cook the food
I'll pay your rent, now this is how the story went
Emphatically no, singin singin that weak wisdom knowledge shit
Hajji god is here to cancel (council?) it
So just ring the alarm, another devil is dying, whoa-ee
Just ring the alarm an uncle tom is trying, whoa-ee
I didn't come to conceal it, I come to reveal it
The true and livin god was the son of man
And if you ever need assistance just take my hand
Now my great great grand was hung up on a tree
By the colored man, you probably know him as a white man
I seen the Oprah Winfrey show, she said that was in the past
Well bitch, kiss my ass
Now it's time to teach the people
Why our peoples not treated equal, now here's the next sequel
I stand taller than the tallest wall... ya ever saw
Sincere, gave the god a call, we boost to fund em all
Long as he's a devil I'm a take it
If a devil catch me right I'll leave em butt naked
I say peace to the god, when I get hype it cause adrenaline
See we love the sun cause we don't lack melanin
Ask me do I hate a devil? Take a guess
... hope you said yes

[Lord Jamar]
Well Lord Jamar take nothin' on face value
You only know what the devil wants you to know
They started keep us apart from our social equality
Which cause inequality
He don't want us to know his biz or how filthy he is
And all his (??)
So in his court the unawares habit
But I report cause I won't
Don't look at things from the surface
A book without understanding is worthless
120 gave me plenty to chew on
Planted a seed and it grew
On to the road where we got shit
So we crackin shells and gettin to the yolk
I rest in the Rule but don't take me for a joke
I got an automatic tool
Don't make it have to smoke
Cause yo I bust off, in god we trust, I'm not soft
When I'm droppin it I'm just an opposite
Now that's hard...
I study lessons about the rod and Elijah
Won't sup-posit and tell you we're god
... of the universe
And when you and I verse we gain a better understandin
Which is the cream risin to the top like my Nubian team
And we don't stop