How to Dress Well
[Intro: How to Dress Well]
You don't have to call me, heh
My love will be there for you
And you don't have to worry, hey
Cuz our love will be there for you, girl (x3)

[Verse 1: Bones]
White Marvin Gaye
No Glock, no cape
Treat my blunts like bullets
Take one to the face
Outside in the rain
On the ground where they play
Trench coat
Wind blowing
Drops dripping down my face
I don't claim I bang
Feet up sipping Tang
Penthouse where I lay
I'm a god so they pray
I'm a legends what they say
Turning night into the day
Feel the bass trunk shake
Feel the fucking earthquake
Motherfuck a brand name
Wearing all my own clothes
SESH written on the tee
SESH etched in my bones
Ice Cream on the cone
Started melting then it froze
Safe to say I'm too cold
No shirt in the snow
[Outro: Bones]
You don't want to fuck with me , no
Got the police busting at me
But they can't do nothing to a G