How to Dress Well
Suicide Love Note
Everything's cool...
I'm fine....

Uh oh uh oh
So you think you ready for this world?
The burden of reality the heaviest to hoard
Brainstorming who broke the levees
I know it wasn't Thor
Throw your mind in the gutter lay your face on the floor
Get excited for
The new world disord-
Kill for fun fun fun
Go to sleep when your're bored
Wake up, it's news
Wake up to do the shit some more
Respect a man that can kill with pen more than sword
Live by die by
Cause everybody got issues,like a WIFI
Out this world lust her, love her like a Sci-Fi
I think i know too much like the Bill Nye Guy
Oh you ain't know i got gullible tatted across the chest
Go through life & not kill yourself
Now thats the test
Liquors thicker than blood
Dollars richer than flesh
Yeah you, yeah n***a you next
News flash Mrs. Angel Wings is doing something devil-esque
Don't mind me I'm just making light of dark matter
Harsh screams now imagine that as regular laughter
Haha haha making glass shatter
Haha haha no LOL after
Subscribe to the resurrection
Cancel it when i come back
Series of mixed emotions describing my mood as matte black
They say you see an angel when you die/ but is her ass fat?
…this ain't how it ends