Howie Day
Keep It On The Rise (part II)
Gotta gamble if you wanna stay cluth
Tight, let my actions speak - don't say much
Roll these streets wit my guys, we all stay in touch
Hustle with these same guys for these dollars and bucks
It's so rough, so tough, word to Rodger, Zap
Brand new - L.A. Dodger cap

Yo Herut (What up?)
You know I had to come though (Reunion style)
Keep It On the Rise, Part 2

A lot of cats don't understand how to execute a plan
First thing is sacrafice if you wanna stay nice
(You'll get ran) out the game if yo' steelo's to strange
I can smell your fake buzz from a mile away

It's time to change, we serve heat rocks for street blocks
Even cops wanna cop what I'm playin' when I get stopped

(DROP!) the beat harder than Adrock
Got rap on padlock -
It's all real, I gotta feel my stash spot
The one, Herut the divine son
Look around town guarantee you'll never find none
With the crown sound, yo my son what are you try-on'?
From the start you got no heart, you not a li-on

Eye on us both as we post up
Video cameras shoot a close up
But all we do is chill and smoke bud
Too bad they got they hopes up, our words don't lie
First I keep it on the ground, then I keep it on the rise

[Hook: Defari + (Evidence)]
Aiyyo enough's enough
Word up, I don't front
I just keep it on the rise
And give 'em what they want
Aiyyo enough's enough
Word up, I don't play
I just keep it on the rise
And give it to 'em everyday
(Aiyyo enough's enough
Word up, I don't front
I just keep it on the rise
And give you what you want)
What you need..
(And what you need take heat
I caught the stalk the first
Time I ever planted my seed
Follow my lead..
You can't follow, fall and bleed
Most suffer from envy and greed -

Or fatigue..
I breathe with the power of seven sea's
A style international from Laouse to Lebanese

Trees get blown as we sit on our throne
Day's to night (Night's to day)
It's all the same shit at home

Trucks, sedeans on twenty inch chrome
Girls insist that I put they number in my phone
And I'mma roam by the beaches, keep all the skeptics speechless
Cause every time I shine that's a sign of they weakness

We keep this on the rise and plan to leave a dent
Fifteen minutes ain't shit, I spend my life gettin' bent

Herut, Evidence - residents
Los Angeles, city scandalous where the air be hazardous
The streets breed savages and those with disadvantages
Still we keep it on the rise, survive all the damages