Baby Bash

The Legalizers, Vol. 2: Indoor Grow (2018)

Lost In Smoke 2 (2016)

Les Anges 7 - La compilation officielle (2015)

Sugar (2015)

Dough And Dro (2013)

Thousand Thoughts (2012)

Fast Life (2009)

Outta Control (2009)

Magic City Part 2 (2008)

Teardrops (CD Single) (2008)

The Last Chair Violinist (2008)

Ultimate Santana (2007)

Uncut for the Calles Mextape Vol. Uno (2007)

I Got Your Back (2006)

Mario Vazquez (2006)

Til the Wheels Fall Off (2006)

When Devils Strike (2006)

Natalie (2005)

Mènage a Trois (2004)

The Brown Recluse (2003)

A Name You Kan’t Touch (2002)

Reveille Park (2002)

Never Change (2001)

So Cold (2001)

Oh Boy (2000)

That Was Then, This is Now Vol. 2 (2000)

That Was Then, This is Now, Vol. II (2000)

The Purity Album (2000)

Tribute to Roger Troutman (Compilation) (2000)

That Was Then, This Is Now Vol. 1 (1999)

The 3rd Wish: To Rock The World (1999)

Power Moves: The Table (1998)

The Rompalation (1996)

Welcome to Da Tilt (1994)

Game Recognize Game

Heart 2 Hart 2

Held Up Soundtrack

Keep It Clean

Latino Velvet - The Camp Is Back

Latino Velvet - The Camp Is Back/Monte Carlo Nights 2

Let the Games Begin

Lone Star Ridaz Compilation

Makes the World Go Round

N My Shoes

Russell Lee, Lil Villain, Ikeman

Son of a G

The Tamale Kingpin

Versatile EP

What You Know About Clika 1

You Already Know

You Got Me Remix (iTunes Release)