The Times
[Verse 1: Sol]
These are the signs of the times
Yeah, lightweight still pull through in the same
While heavy weight heads take two to the brain
You might me see me celebrating, Kool & The Gang
Yeah times done change but I’m still doing my thang
When the beat drops in I’ma ooze at the stage
Come back for an encore and do it again
Cause y'all came to see me come
But she ain’t came yet so I’m do what it takes
Condoms break and babies are made
You call it a mistake I’m calling it faith
Cause that’s the same way the music we create
Cause goosebumps, new trends, and change the game
I’m a young dude but I grew up off the old school
So I know some shit and I’m no fool
But I also know there’s no rules and
We all evolve or at least we supposed to

We all know that nothing is forever, man
So we work hard and pray for better days
We all know that nothing is forever, man
But if you stay where you are then times will never change

(Budo, whattup!)
[Verse 2: Sol]
The music I make ain't the music that makes me
I write from the heart, so my songs, they stay deep
And my mind it stays free
When I’m live on stage I've got angel wings
We been making music since we was in the game
Throwing racks at each other's face
Yeah, we still banging on them drums via MPC
And mp3’s changed the game
These old school cats must feel like Satchel Paige
Spend most they prime outside of cyberspace
Cue the music trafficking but nothing like an African
Strapped to the bottom of the ship you’re not a slave
Yeah, time’s done change, they’ll never be the same
This is a PSA. Get off the corner with your mixtape
And get off myspace, you need to open your mind

And see how quick these time change
I said open your mind
And see how quick these time change


Times will never change, times will never change
Times, times, will never change
Times will never change
[Verse 3: Grieves]
I grew up within the crackle of the vinyl
Muddy Waters spun like a top and it went viral
It took me, held me by the hand and advanced me
Showed me what it was to be the man, a family, a student
Learning from the cracks and the skips
Dusty little book shelf giving me the sniffles
Was worth it, TDK on the dresser
Dubbing off the deck for a mixtape adventure
Was real, rocked a walkman like a merit badge
Way beyond the rise of CDs until the motor crashed
After that I saw the speed of evolution
The compact disk and the digital movement
The future, Smokey Robinson, I kept it cruising
Whether it was seen as a curse or an improvement
It lives. Strumming on the strings like a kid
Still hypnotized by everything the resonation gives
Though a record always spins like it used to
People get the music off the internet and youtube
I can’t complain, cause even though it ain’t the same
It’s still available to make that change