Ali Tomineek
Big Spender
Chorus [Sample of Big Spender]
Good Lookin'
So refined
Say wouldn't you like to know whats going on in my mind?
So let me get right to the point
I don't pop my cork for every guy I see
Hey big spender!
Spend a little time with me

[Ali Tomineek]
Everybody know what they trying to be
But you can't see me like hide and seek
I'm a beast and I know I'm a prodigy
I'm the heat but I'm cold like I'm 5 degrees
When I speak then you know I'mma ride the beat
I'm the chief so you bros better follow me
Uh, pardon me I don't mean to be cold but your she-friend always says hi to me
I spit 290, you piff like two potties, I'm quick like Bugattis, I'm sick like dude snotty
Drop hot flows, yours are just lukewarm
Paper roll flow make you wanna get your groove on
Move on, you know I rock like pluton. Way you sit at home and watch up on your futon
You hating cuz I'm dropping a new song, I'm baking dog I'm hot like I'm Tuscon
Man, I'm back in it. Everybody mad cuz they can't fit in cuz they packing it
And I'm rapping with, my bro if you know whack is in fact what this track isn't
Flow so retarded like my dad, Timmy. Go into a party and my fans with me
I don't need yours cuz i have plenty. Trying to cross him, he's bad luck, black kitty

[Shaun D.]
Got your chick looking at me
Got your chick looking at me
She staring G, I guarantee she liking what she see
I'm from that west side where we all that
Probably best if we fall back
Stacks all in my wallet
If that ain't fresh boy what you call that?
Chicks all in my photos
Check my wrist look like a snow globe
Kicks all in my closet
Man that shit look like a dojo
Hey ya'll killing me with this fronting
Ya'll Jet Li we really ain't stunting
Take your chick and slap you in the back of your dome
I bet you ain't gonna do nothing
Cuz we hardcore, party every night like we on tour
Got a happy life, but we want more
We be running this like it's parkour
Snakes in the grass I'm the lawnmower
Lets get it chopping
Stiff neck, lets get it popping
Gifted and there ain't no stopping
Yuh! (I’ll be saying that after every rap now. It sounds kinda cool)

[Shaun D.]
Okay so verse two, I'll merc two
Probably even worse than the first one.
Heard that you rap but you whack
And you saying that you clap
What you talking 'bout a squirt gun?
Man miss we with all that noise
You don't be in the trap boy
This is more than cocky
Head so big my hat won't snap boy
What you think about me?
Careless 'bout your feelings
Don't deal with the motors
Show me who on the building
My fam up in here chilling, we killing
Ya'll doodoo. We make money off YouTube
Now what is it that you do?