Random Project(Ep)

Am gonna be scary rich! Me and my team
Yeah, One
Put modo on shuffle trying to ignite my thoughts/
Am Short of bricks building my inner man prepare for the worst/ extreme Focus is the language when the mind speaks from the tongue/ am improvising my ascent, Stuck with this blogs buffering for faults/
Tread the right places manipulating the combination trying to buy a spot in the box/
Maybe I ain't good with vessels cause all the intelligence in the world s shapeless without a cause/
Paranoid for the right reasons/
Deoxygenated blood am saving my breath for the right purpose, am mentally drifting away from the original plan/
Am less passionate am prince charming the opposite am referencing AQ's works for a start/
Dreams afflicted with issues of the past am having sleep lessons/ i think its a privilege to have a freaks senses/
Am literally speaking to myself/
Its totally normal to misjudge a work in progress/
Eight Steps at random I take em with caution
Tuned to this frequency caught signals from paradise am rendering the lords own edition now,faaam
Mama proud of my career now that's a stretch
Papa probably nodding his head to this bars in heaven his first son is finally living his dream/
Am either writing poetry,or somewhere admiring a piece of art, never take life too seriously/they say am changing gradually/
They don't know me, i differently perceive my surroundings ever since I feel in love
My story began inaccurately the picture is clearer when you stare from a distant/ allow me preach of my existence/
Get back to this peasants/ Don't patronize me am doing this all for me/ On a journey of forever hope to reach a mysterious height journey mercy's/
I never had girl issues I must be emotionally immature/
Used to be a king before I fell in love with a god like creature/ this is love from up above/
Rise from the fall glory descends like a dove/
Am crazy about you pumpkin/
Understand I am totally ready to start buying napkins/ for Real and I ain't even bluffing/ they say I crack jokes too much i should try being a comedian/
Got a bunch of skills the media should be familiar with this face, but this days, nobody cares how talent looks son/
They would only sculpt you perfect when you are gone/
Project your stories to their son/
They don't listen even when their stereos turned up loud/
How are they gonna turn up now, but am numb! to the negativity am getting from the internet spit it up in the air if its too much for their ear, yeah, Am too much for their ear, I swear I ain't afraid of ya'all got my bags packed am heading to the stars For a day or more, whether for a day or more, but it doesn't really matter cause am gonna say I did it/ Am touching the most percentage/
Resurrecting from the wreckage/
Baby please don't half that smile, the way you making me feel is giving me butterflies
Like tada da tada da
And We gon' blow up like magic/
Can't be random been in this movement like addicts/
A Burning passion the fireman can't put out/
How about that for a burnt offering
Catch me heaping little bits of Einstein's knowledge/ Outstretched wisdom reach for height in a hobbit college/ the noise raised is mental can make you brain deaf/ ears wide to every word the magic makes you listen with elves/ premature tongue but saliva ignites history when I go spitting/ before acrobatics am the one that knows how to keep his pages flipping/ lord gedes of the south verses can still give you zuma to rock to/ I make miracles king slayer, am Tyrion Lannister guilty of the crime without trial/ obstacles just another stepping stone am picturing Ben Grimm in a salsa class/ threat hate like a faster runner I just let it pass/ while I design holographic sentences the good bad the ugly/ give you a thousand words and more to run with, long live Eddie Murphy/ pass me the trophy,these bad rhymers don't stand a chance with puffy/ I'd remain a bad catalyst in your lyrical force field, nothing personal but even James Brown wouldn't feel good afterwards trust me/ crown me Scoffield with the bars even thou the prison don't break/ am running out of opponents somebody impress me for God sakes/ I mute blows creative how I make suicide bombers wait/ deal with it am the reason why the rap game loosed its north face/ hip-hop in this hands that's a tight place/ virginity is held for the right face and since that face is mine ama do me, so jump on the internet ask who He,they talk about with so much caution and no title/ guess now my presence answered much more questions they forget the use of google/
If its about height I flip heavens gate open/ angels jumping out the milky way can't let demons out often/ fuck a lions share the giants coming for the whole market/ I see dropping Samson thought this goats how to scapeLions/ get crayons, I can replace your adams apple with coconuts, diagram that, shits becoming a hard nut to crack/ this nigaz can't see shit why they blind love your rap/ nobody repeats after me,no karaoke today homie, I'd speak a strange language that makes you chock on your tongue, you can clearly see success if you make my face your area of concentration, but your concentration loose like a porn star cunt/ you lazy with fonts,this methods won't fit even when slipped in hard through your nurts
In a planet of apes am the only man in it/ meaning its mine did I hurt your dyeing feelings?/ told them am too much for them to handle/ even the labels not fit for me my intelligence could burn cables/ kill a bear with my bare hands leave you bare like adam before the fruit let's see how much you can bare, everybody raps now I just came with a different approach/ like a suicide bomber ready to blow/ could make even the popo frisk for the show/ I already had enough of the comedy joker brought/ am the real king of the south tell 6ix his acting period is up/


I keep rising like the price of crude/Oil, runs over my anointings full/Still the man for this my grown attitude/
Brings to surface this adult view/haAlways the one with the brightest clues/Dreams go deep this is a limbo cruise/Quit amazing how this simple tune/
Turn a fiery tale into a dream come true/
But am not Comfortable with this new man who the fuck you think am posed to be/
Am Working my whole ass off just to get paid prostitute without courtesy/Corrupted my whole ideology/
Everybody claims they got your back when the enthusiasm's clear to see/Give it a year or three/
Is it worth the risk, am trying to be positive/
Hard to be you when the same people you trying to make proud are expecting a compromise/
Only there for your victory
They blood suckers am fighting mosquitoes, just let me be/Am currently digging gold for this gold diggers
Looking up when the sky is looking up to me/

But I hold strong figure this thoughts in my head
I hold strong fight for a spot in this heads
Make me a star 6x make me a rap star
Make me a star 6x make me a rap star

Ha, And I start to see clearly the minute I got on that stage/
That they've been long waiting for another animal to break out and enter this cage/
Am i made only for your amusement/ 'Hold On'
Do you envy my commitment/ 'Hold On'
Help me stop feeling like have passed my use tell how did my mixtape do,'hold On'
Fuck it, I cannot wait, the waiter did great/
I could help you find the pieces this critics erased/
Even if you told me am ugly in different beautiful ways/
I still try out this makeup plans anyways/
Am learning how to decorate/
Put up a wall between lord Gedes and the real me until it fades away/

But I hold strong figure this thoughts in my head
I hold strong fight for a spot in this heads
Make me a star 6x make me a rap star
Make me a star 6x make me a rap star
Make me a star 6x make me a rap star
Make me a star 6x make me a rap star

Yeah, They say Lately have been less committed to the music
Maybe cause she abused me but its like am cursed
Can't even stop
Its a jungle out here and we the architect of the food chain
I stay on top of the notch
Gladiator in a room full of kindergartens
I just let my emotions flow
Maybe they right am not even trying to be consistent anymore
They not ready for this
Some say he's a Blessing to Hip-hop but nobody cares to ask if Hip-hop has ever been a blessing to me
Am just saying my mind
There can never be another like me
Understand am just beating around the bush please help me burn branches
And I implore you to wait,make me your rap star,ONE


Feels like am under water drowning/ feels like existence is lifting off me/
Natures blessing gave a little response to a figure calling/
This my weakness showing/ clothed in hypocritical gimmick/
Feels like am on a mission so listen as I paint inwards driven by nothing physical,missionary speaking am seeking nothing a mortal can offer so feel the artistic order of insights/ feel the trouble am coming out with, feel me Scooping for bread in my vomit, my bad little habits/
Painted clear for your ears buried deep within this words
But you took me for granted/ Even Stepped on a mine, but you don't realize, its all part of the harvest you blind to the fact/ You scared that I'd be the greatest which I already is/
Am making my moves without license am living my dreams/ but this dream is a mansion its damn lonely within/
Took to my heels as the whistle go off/
No match for this match why am pissing off/
The danger observed could give color to blood/
Am different from you all, that's a clue for you all/
Papa called me great I lifted the trophy/
This is what it feels to make story from nothing/
Feels like am offering my best to get something less worthy/
Trying to impress the public/
Always win but it dose feels like I lose hundred percent of the time/ Faking this feelings of mine, but most of the time I just let it out to the surface,who are you to decline/

Seems like the fire in me keeps burning/
Its probably hell but I hear the heavens calling/ this loud voices locked up in my head am going psychotic/ how you know when you gifted with something/
The deep Passion could flood your thinking/ Extraterrestrial could scare lions/
You protect the rhythm/ that single ability that keeps your heart beating/
You start experiencing notable physical change well, your wishes could rain if you lift em high up to the ceiling/
You already dreaming/ You get so committed/
You start to make miracles christ ing your water to wine till you walk in tune with the flow/
Nile to the world get exposed like open wounds, have every other thing up in fumes/
Leave your scent centered on every heart so they could write and tell stories of you when you gone/ a role model let them sing songs for every battle you have won/
But while you are here make the best of it/
Be the best at it, whatever it is that you involved in/
Let them learn from it/ put your heart into it, and give it life/ give it a reason to shine/
Obstacles might come handy but be ready with your survival tactics/ be the originator of your own story/
Forge your own victory/ stand alone if necessary/
That's how you get legendary/
Leave no space for doubts in your heart/
Find your own place in this space of time/
And expand your heavenly creative mind, hearts

Am sick of discretion the mention bring tension erections growing weak/
The music's infected condition been altered hard to take an impressive flight with this wings/ am sick of artists measuring penises/ title match with the music and who the next hardest would be/
So they can grow horns on the internet bout how their lines intersect supernaturaly/ thirst to kill the next is consuming the beauty/ If words can throw punches tell me where's the music/
They fuse it abuse it confuse it, fans without much of a choice go ahead and consume it/
Find a way to moneytize their foolishness so they can look talented in the eyes of the blind/
This a clue for the minds/ Proofs that the music s diluted they concentrate on beats and rhymes/
They omit anything genuine, they fake as cartoons
They infest your minds with negative lines/
Make the truth turn into lies/ they blocking the shine of the true talents, bad news for the dope addicts/
Pay the market big to keep their shows selling/
They turn into magnets attract any one they can find
That's what it takes to be a real artist/
Use it dilute it till it breaks spine for you then its back your way/ you camouflage your true identity and give the fans whats requested, and one day/
Get the money and look miraculously contented
Can sometimes look so pretty on the surface but deep down in my heart? I am just Me!


Am Still stealing this pages from the book of life/
Feels like a crowded paradise when G over writes/
G hover writes feets above earth about time I show this clowns how my brains under/
Too deep to get to this, zeus have to go deeper/
Moves rip souls quick am technically walking bare feet/
Fierce flow hear screams of medusa when you listen too closely/
My dreams flawless laid my sheets perfect even kruger came through with a clean sweat shirt
Too fast forward with the alphabets am running outta words/
Still Wonder why am more familiar with mathematical objects,damn shit is a blur/
Heard time would tell my clocks been doing a lot of snitching lately/
Bars smoking bout to turn a whole prison into a chimney/
I sneak in like the Bible verse that narrates the second coming of christ/
My coming is right, early enough so watch the son rise/
On time, make hay now the son set, make way as I kick start like a manual bike/ johnny blaze in actual life
Breath in this scripts am god when I actually write/
Pencil tricks davinci, twenty first century joseph watch me sleep on the traits of my forefathers through this dreams
Its true this dreams come without sexual stimulation
Am joseph taking shot at potiphar's wife/
Take over the world influence is the lucifer's type/
Married to the game see how I bully the wife/
Shield to the spine is what I wave to this back stabber's
Wave back stabbers/
This shit is e-z not talking the fifth and twenty sixth letter/
You'd need a pace maker if you don't mind hater/
Like a butchers knife this ability cuts throat/
Animal sacrifice I welcome all beast to the long boat/
Gedes and Hip-hop that's an unstable compound/
See me all round, my environment s full of Houdini tags instruction say they disappear now/
Magical world I can see a lot of Dumbledore's coming along now/
This whole mixture is strong, would this words be tasty if I speak in tongues/
Like ye'ba tata sa'ka till the effect is gone/
Bullet sounds in the songs, paranoid but am well educated to know that this music makes and gives life/
Give birth to the fire hot womb and ashes make your placenta sit right/
See the light,Shekau's next of kin tell john to baptize the land clean cause, ama be the next to blow
Get ready

5: BIGGER THAN LIFE ft. Cyclone

Verse 1: Cyclone
Yoo I need no introduction/
Music is the movie and I'm stuck in preproduction/
They telling me I need more options/
Get married its almost time for reproduction/
Woah Tell them to calm down, tell them to chill/
The food still dey fire still on the grill/
The girl is still ill, someone pass me the pill/
If there are Dues left unpaid, someone pass me the bill/
Control A, On the mic I control B/
Nowadays all of them wanna control c/
Only thing in my life i wanna control z/
Is the negativity that tried to control me/
Tellem move to control L, i'm in control e/
This is my ship yes I am in control oui/
See you waiting for what i'm bout to control next?
Fake friends hit em with that control x/ Clone

I have a dream, but no blac Chyna
I'm that Diamond in the rough, and God is the miner
Tellem say i dey come, make dem no worry
I am not in a haste, I no dey in a hurry 2x

Verse2: Gedes
Ha, Am too affiliated with the motivation,more like an occupation/ am finna get me an office,I think it is called dream and I caught the flue, no reaction/ you can call it the chemistry of expression/ it ain't about complexion or the elasticity of your wallets/
Even properties could wither and fall out the market/ but this is much bigger, this is the Shackles of glory/
Divine responsibility/
Our own medium of exchange but the currency is earned/ found life carved a niche on each passage, maybe survival can be learned/
This is reality to me/ even when ya'all see life as a chronological line of event in history/
I feel like the chosen one,everything happens for a reason and not season/
Own a mortar for your every pound
But that's the rule that ya'all missing
I tried to find me a better life/
Defending the filthy codes people live and die by/
Till I found music and its much bigger not by its physical lining/
But by how it makes life worth living/

I have a dream, but no blac Chyna
I'm that Diamond in the rough, and God is the miner
Tellem say i dey come, make dem no worry
I am not in a haste, I no dey in a hurry 2x


This is how the story began/ C section successful an angel is born/ Nine in the morn/
Mother a wore and father a drunk/
Papa left before she could even crawl
Mum was an illiterate so growing was dull/
But she wanted to look as cool as the other girls in the block, little elor daughter of a wore, So the neighborhood called her, brown skin she was the fairest of all/
Every parent kept their kids away from her its why she never had any friends at all/
She thought her existence is a curse
Large pretty eyes when she's nervous she bits her claws
She stole money from her mum so she could save up enough to go to a public school
Cause her mum thought education wasn't cool
At 15 she was rapped by a man her mum forced on her
Every man she ever ran to for help asked her for sex even her mums lover
She grew up really fast
Her life was like a fertilized ovum no flow at all
No fun at all
And cinderella was waiting for the right one to come along
But prince charming never came
Mama took ill doctor said the virus deep in her, its aids its diabetes the hard drugs are killing her
She only got worse the hospital couldn't help
Elor wished she knew how to pray she was speechless until her mums death
She couldn't cry all she felt was pity for herself,yeah
Pity for herself

Now, Its four months after the funeral
Landlord is impatient rents due she's a woman now
Said he'd throw her out if she's not ready to pay
And if she's not willing to give him a piece of that cake
Beautiful body she's only eighteen
Her life savings was all spent for her mums burial
She didn't adopt any skill
So getting a job is a myth
She didn't want to live life her mums kind of way
But living was impossible, she couldn't even feed
How would she even pay the bills
She slowly thought of it, suicide was it
She cried cause her life has finally proved nothing
She cursed her birth put her best clothes on and took off to the streets

Everybody watched her as she passed
She knew it was also her last time For such torment
Cause that moment
She knew nobody would cry
So she kept going till she finally got to the bridge
She sat on the edge for one last stare before her story sink
Tears in her eyes no remorse at all she let go while she sings


Bow to the kid bout to be king/
Bow to the king bout to be god/ One of a kind save me a skin/ here Looking like a mortal so I fit right in/
The weird is back escorted by fire fog illuminated moving like am walking on moon, I can walk you right through/
Like armstrong when he made his big move
Blue prints so earth deep ask the miner to drill through/
No exaggerations no miss calculations prepare for the revelation of the perfect Abomination heavy without fornication/
Belly stretch bout a year or two from my body, and the operation would need no surgical action/ Am giving birth to a planet
A single nation more complicated occupied by gods giants and geniuses, the ruler the creator and the seer of all things/ now
Vision as wide as the internet/
Am more concerned about the balls when they enter net/
Hearing you scream you the shit who cares about your elements/
Its not about U unless uranium s in the complement/
Fallen men and monuments to princes and figures of change all you have as constellation/
Well times way different I make the dead taste resurrection without tongue taste buds, god effect/
Its my mind am trying to pen out, yeah, no ink filling/
Still don't know by now pluck your brains out, yeah right, I'd put some sense in it/
Its about to be a new reign the problem is how many of you are ready to quench thirst or get soaked in it/ Now, this clowns are still searching for deals rumplestiltskin/

Hook: Yeah x16

Verse 2:
Ha, I rap like I gat many lives, I prolly should set up a very large enterprise yeah/
Its Money mission when we balling out, So I don't need price tags before I Enter pryse, yeah/
Ideas looking all energized, you'all thinking we wide awake our whole night, but its all different despite the little work ethics we always get it done like its sunrise, Yeah/They'd surely hate us but its alright/
Criticize our will get all up in our ass so the shits not easy but oloun we'd be just fine/
Through the hate we would drive by/
And for the fun of it our stories would be written in tablets so tribes and nations could follow embrace tomorrow today and fill out the hollows with fresh marrows so the legacy could keep standing for as long as our breath travels/
We ain't scared of nothing but ourselves,and our tentacles spread abroad
Immigration couldn't predict our movement the shine is deafening the crowd is threatening the flaw a blessing our presence flip curtains so its really a movie if you watching watch me watch real watch G haven't anyone told you the right keys could open the best doors,soul meal,feed/
Now who's the best in the biz shit hash tag that/
Have birds Provide answers to every technical question and munch that fact/ Everybody I know now is trying to sow a seed in my life they say am a good investment/
And best of all everybody loves my sense of humor am my dads descendant/like
Yeah pardon my truth, We only get high just to stay low, yeah only the truth/
Get heavy on liquor just to think slow, yeah nothing but truth/
The economy is fucked up but who cares, even when poverty is all strapped and ready to shoot my people stay unimpressed like every other leap year/

Hook: Yeah x16
We get it, we get it yeah, we get it, we get it Yeah, we get it, we get it Yeah, we get it, we get it,Yeah
Yeah x5

8: OIL

They call me Lord Gedes son of the soil/
Summon oil for the soil heavens earned anointing for my spoil/
Rap cause of this tangled experiences memories come in coils/
Can tell you all about how I kept the hit a hundred reason for the boils/
Learned how to push ever since mama pushed I it was april for the fresh oil/
Super skilled with the pencil,I drew myself out of the earth's void/
The young Godwin son of the son of a chief/ Who was the son of a priest/ Who had an encounter with magic/ the birth place of these tricks/
Young Godwin son of a deacon/ son of the economist, who's life was all about preaching/ the core reason for the bond of his parent, First off the Godwin's offspring/
Heavens sent with the heavens scent for your seventh sense, its a new beginning/
I broke north's heart when I left her dreaming of the west cause I saw a lot of good coming/ I already had my skill forming/ abandoned Mystiques that crew thing wasn't for me
Screwed my nuts in proper/ the perfect Terry Tha Rapman impostor/
The only seeker without a legend just yet, let the Star come first/
Like a babysitter better keep an eye on the boy yes/
First in a home where intelligence is family business/
Rule the world is the right sequence with which the blood-line is mapped
I can take you there, Angels sang the last time the family tree had a trim
The planet snapped sharp without pixels
The anointed am david dodging the kings blade/
Throne heir fucking coming through with a kill braid/
I can take you there, back when mama used to have her kids re-sight gospel lyrics/
Back when I used to look cool miming Pac and have my peers fear my dance skill, silly/
It has always been a gene thing, like same trous' passed down generations/
This the finished form of a product that has always been under construction/
This where the dream grew wings heavy flow go stream, as I branch/
Attention as I match/ oil running over
The oil keeps the ground beneath me lubricated/
Why my moves are supper calculated/
Still am far from a failed math/ thou hated arithmetics, plain facts/ Complex puzzles is my own idea of climbing up life's graph/its me against the world fight to the end from a long start/
Crossed paths diagrammed in times of dark tracks/
Am like the center of the universe sphere revolves around me, like darts, am aiming for a number, shit ain't random the oil singles me out whenever
So, they call me lord Gedes son of the soil/
Summon oil for the soil heavens earned annointing for my spoil/
Rap cause of this tangled experiences memories come in coils/
Can tell you all about how I kept the hit a hundred reason for the boils/
Learned how to push ever since mama pushed I it was april for the fresh oil/
Super skilled with the pencil, I drew myself out of the earth's void/ Oil