Realest Living Remix
[Verse 1: Cyclone]
Spitting bars like a Milky Way got thrown up
But there's nothing sweet about the way I flow, bruh
I am killing em, swag on a million
Intelligent flow but the fans be getting dumb
When the beat drop you know I rhyme so hard
Tryna be a champ like the St. Louis Cards
Play my part I'm apart from the other lames bars
None of the stars are too far when I start
Flowing in the booth, dimes come, no toll
Being recognized as a legend is my goal
So I flow, this is me, watch me go
In on this beat, maybe it'll make me known
But if not, I'll still live fabulous Loso
My style free like Los
Tryna make it big but this ain't the East Coast
And it ain't the south side and it ain't the West Coast
Man when I flow it is just Cyclone
Realest Living