Odd Squad
Came Na Gedown
Wa'la, in comes the Smitten n***a be cool grip
Red dots bogus in the f**k the world type sh*t
Puffing on a blunt, pa** the pill I f**king dribble
Kicking mo' sh*t that's versatile, in my mind you might find Sybil
Click click, ya n***as recognize the sound
Fill 'em up from the south, n***a we came to get down
Where do we go from here?
I don't know but here's my motherf**king Glock to your ear
Now n***a say "mercy"
Or I gotta terminate your posse
Cause on my block Frida, Frida and Fred got a Glock
A simple death is how a motherf**ker wish it went
Result in murder ain't no goddamn coincidence

[Rick Royal]
Hey, hey, hey, hey
What's happening, did you bring your AK?
Cause I'm 'bout to get disrespectful like Shanaayna
Where you're home alone tonight it's poltergeist
Oh you wants to shoot me in the pinky toe...that's not nice
Don't you know I'm on some ole' f**k the world type sh*t?
Giving a n***a the bullet to bite with, ham-burger
Goddamn murder in the water burger
Boy you so crazy, it leaves my brain and lazy
I promise, I'm better than Nostradamus, fix some sense with that
Lose my thought I'm having me a p*ss attack
Ooh Ricardo heard I came to get down like Donkey Kong for ya
Thanks for letting me rock [?] to go play honkey ball
Oh sh*t here I come with the [?] can you get
I don't think so they didn't pick that n***a Coz in the mix
Ready to rip up shop
Continue to rhyme non stop
Put your game to my n***as that's pumping that sh*t on the block
Rolling with some Real Mccoy gangstas on this phat track
Again kicking that gangsta sh*t to put these n***as on they back
They wondered if I could kick it, motherf**kers I'ma kick this
Like Odd Squad, it's been A Long Time Comin b*t*h
Dropping a verse and getting them up from the get-go
F**king 'em up and ripping a patch out your a**hole
So I'ma send the f**king shot to make you buckle up
And if you want some motherf**ker won't you knuckle up?
It's the C.O.Z.Y.K. in the nine trey
Ninety fo', ninety fever in ya f**king face
A young n***as coming straight from the Oak Town
Joe hooked me up, I came to Texas straight to get down

[Ed Jack]
I got it made in the shade with the Odd Squad
Charged a crazy motherf**ker cause my d**k's hard
Making it hard, making it easy cause it difficult
Will I die tomorrow from busting caps I don't know
You had enough I get 'em up cause it's like that
You can't hang with the big balling Ed Jack n***a
Don't pull the trigger, how the f**k you figure?
F**k around and be the deadest motherf**ker in the cemetery
If you know like I know, you won't make a sound n***a
Cause I came to get down
[Hook] {x2}
I came to get down yo
I came to get down yo
Jump up and get your leg broke
[?] ho

[Lez Moni]
I came to get down to show the Moni don't f**k around
When it comes, when it comes to the underground
Show styles, show style cause I have ta
And if ya step to me b*t*h I'ma smack ya
Get down to the hits that's made by the Odd Squad
Blind Rob gon' make ya nod
It's a clique, it's a clique that we got here
Running sh*t down south for the ninety four year
My dear, the Gulf Coast in there
Going deeper than deep so you better grab your swimwear
And all your business take care
Lez Moni is outta here

Mr. Scarface and I gets raw in fact
The rawest motherf**ker you ever saw and that's
The Odd Squad, n***a The Odd Squad, n***a The Odd Squad n***a
So suck a n***a's d**k and make it bigger
I'm known to grab the mic and show a n***a how to handle it
In other words I rips up enough for damages
But I got some little n***as in my hooptie
My n***a Kilo and 2-Low, do what you do G
So slap that a** back before you get a gold slug in your motherf**ker mug
Little Kilo is giving bigger n***as love
And matter of fact I pack a deuce deuce
To all you punk motherf**kers that'll [?] like they had juice

So rat a tat tat with my motherf**king gat
Cause we just some young n***as trying to make our pockets phat
A young buck stepped up and got his motherf**king dome peeled
Shorty came real with the motherf**king hand skills

Because your hands don't come up on the up

And I'm a juvenile so I don't give a f**k
I'll pull the trigger baby

Pull the trigger baby

[Lord 3-2]
Pull the trigger baby

[Kilo & 2-Low]
And have your motherf**king a** pushing daisy's

And leave your a** for the underground

Cause we some young motherf**kers


[Kilo & 2-Low]
And we came to get down

They call a n***a violent
But when I'm silent I get p*ssed
They tried to hold a black back cause I throw up my black fist
Just call me "a**a**in" while I'm blasting on yo' b*t*h a**
I'm that sicka n***a, I can dig a ditch fast
And I can lay you six feet deep like the undertaker
Make a sick n***a wanna break a
Motherf**king neck
What did you expect from the lunatic?
Soon it gets deeper than deep
The buck boom will kick fast
Blast blast motherf**kers never stop
Dropping cops till we the last motherf**kers
In the clique, awe sh*t, what a sight
No motherf**king flashing lights
F**king with the ounces, mo' bounces
I got 64
Suckas wanna feel the real but they don't hear me though
Don't die
Why must I act a f**king clown?
Ten deep in the game and I came to get down


[Blind Rob]
I put my left foot in, my left foot out
Now I doing the hokey pokey with this thang in your mouth
My n***as known to be prone to scrape the plaque off your teeth
I know you used to have baloney but have you ever tried beef?
And it's the handicap a**a**in
And I be blasting
And if you don't know you better ask kid
I'm the one who gets down for mine
AKA The F**king Man and I'll d**k you all the time
And you can put that on your granny's panty
Handing out knuckle sandwiches and keeping plenty rubbers handy
My style is simple and plain mayne
None of that skiddily diddily day ah
Or jumping around and playing
Cause I gets blitzed off that Schlitz b*t*h but peep this
But I still kicks that ill tip, pardon me while I take this quick p*ss
It's the Quest and I don't want you hoes to jump around
But it's the O double D, b*t*h
And we came to get down

[The Unrappable]
I came to get down (huh?)
I came to get down (what?)
{starts rapping in a truly unrappable way}
Saying, saying, what the f**k am I saying?
{again, stays true to his stage name}
I came to get down!

[Mr. 3-2]
It's the three to the two
Watch a n***a grab the motherf**king 12 gauge and blast you
Motherf**kers must don't know about the H.C
And these motherf**king hoes keep player hating me
And I just wanna trip
With my motherf**king goddamn clique

{Mr. 3-2 talking}
Sh*t, I'm freestyling, check it out, check it out. Yo, stop the motherf**king beat motherf**ker. Check it out big baby

[Mr. 3-2]
It's the motherf**king big, baby
And I know you n***as can't fade me
So what you know, huh? N***as wanna trip
So I'm aboutst to get into some of that new improved gangsta sh*t
Ooh we
I love the way it sound
Had to slam it [?]
Gimmie a swisher

I came to get down
I came to get down
I came to get down
I came to get down
So Rob let me get down