Odd Squad
We Get High
[Intro: Devin the Dude]
Yeah, time to roll up somethin', man
Smoke somethin', man
Grab a drank, grab somethin to smoke on
Yeah, it's about that time

[Chorus: Devin the Dude]
We get high
We get high
We get high
We get high

[Verse 1: Devin the Dude]
(Yo how much is that?)
110 to spend wit' a friend, why not?
My sh*t look like my eyelids are inside out
Not a dime this time but a nice sized quarter
We call our sh*t coffee but we don't dip it in that water
We honor it with no sugar and cream, straight green
Then it's chicken and ribs, baked beans, my plates clean
Then I find the rhythm, mind if I give 'em a little?
I'm kinda high right now so I'll just go and hit a McGriddle
Then I'll twiddle my thumbs, my direct connect is gone
But my middle man is 'bout to come with some more dro
Oh yo, you know the logo, we higher and a mofo
We get high
[Verse 2: Jugg Mugg]
Like cooter brown, that's what scoots round
Ain't no time better than this, so let's do it now
Put our sh*t together now, we got some dealer's sh*t
Call the babes all decipherin' and then we phillo sh*t
And pull our wigs back, may drink a six pack
Damn that b*t*h spent, bra let me hit dat
We got these hoes we got the dranks we got the dro
We got security and they knockin' at the door
They oughta know
We get high
We get high
We get high

[Verse 3: Devin the Dude]
Now all of a sudden I'm buzzin'
I only hit that ho twice
But if you pa** it right back
Sh*t that'll be so nice

[Verse 4: Rob Quest]
Yeah, so I guess that mean the clock starts now
As I take a hit, that's some pretty strong sh*t
It ain't hard to admit that I'm thinkin' I can't quit
Cause man I love the coughee sip, brew, laugh, f**k and trip
Cough one time for people that's over there
I'mma cough two times for ladies that's everywhere
(We get high)
Yeah, cause that's the way that it goes
I blow some smoke out my mouth and the rest up my nose
Now my new cologne smell is the smoke in my clothes
I'm blowin smoke signals, now what's the opposite of low?
I'm starvin', somebody tell me where the groceries be
I've got the munchies, feel like I haven't ate a bite in weeks
Then I fell asleep, woke up wit' another sweet
Start that sh*t all over again, you see they know
We get high
We get high
We get high
We get high
We get high
[Verse 5: Jugg Mugg]
Man, this ain't no Cheech and Chong movie
We smoke it into the doobie
If you ask who we be, we be the O Double D
The proof is in the puddin', the puddin' be in the booth
My man he got some good he said he'd be the truth
He ain't lyin', anytime to be buyin' a bag of hucklebee
Hell, you could tell the smell is always stuck on me
My nerves kinda bad, I need a stabilizer
Star Trek Enterprise with a vaporizer
We get high
We get high
We get high
We get high
We get high