Earl Hayes
Aftermath Single (Snippet)
See, I ain't have a close friend in a long time
So now I'm in this trench coat, midnight, with a long nine
Twelve gauge, ski mask, brim hat and some sunglasses
Tried to borrow some money but when I asked no one had it
When I put this double barrel on your nose like sunglasses
And tell you to run shit you better just unanswer
Because I'm going to squeeze the trigger
Then I'm going to run faster
Than your man who seen me shoot you that I had to run after
Knock over some trashcans, jump over some parked cars
Run through some abandoned buildings - your boy is a track star
I'm about to stop jogging. I ain't even get one holler
Fuck it! Here come the cops. Looks like I'm not getting one dollar
Now I'm exhausted but I still got the same problems I had
Before I killed this drug dealer and his thug partner
Back to the drawing board, what else did I have planned?
Rob me a bank this time? Stab me a dope man?
You'd think I learnt my lesson. Some n***as just don't, man
As long as I live in the hood my ignorance has no end
As long as there's heinous crime and there's fucking bills due
I will grab a gun and a mask; I'm a kill you
Some shit I ain't proud of but definitely still do