Earl Hayes
Welcome To The First 48
My cousin was facing life but his bitch took the rap
I'm thinking to myself she ain't never coming back
By the time she get out, she'll be 60. He'll be dead
What the fuck is going on in that stupid bitch's head?
Lost his other chick when he was walking out the fucking club
Some n***a brother that he killed so homey started dumpin' slugs
He keep losing his bitches and not to other n***as
It's either due to the system or the reckless life he's living
Getting money is a given, we'd do anything to see chips
Get up off your ass or you'll never going to be shit
I want respect even if I got to die for it
Even if my family has to stand over my casket and cry for it
Lights out, spazzing out, listening to Many Men
Glock cocked, pad hunt, I'll give it to any man
Life got me fucked up. I don't got too many friends
I fuck a couple of hoes but I don't trust any of them
Chocolate chinchilla to match with my Henny Timbs
Your boy Hayes got it poppin' - good lookin' Mike Lynn
Interscope signed me so who am I supposed to compete with?
Wait until they get a load of the n***as I eat with
Hold me down cause there's no promise we're going to make it
Nobody is going to give us shit so we're just going to take it
Find out who got the highest score up and fucking break it
If they don't like us now, I'm about to make them n***as hate us
If anybody try to stop us I'm going to strike and make them suffer
I keep cool killers with me, I call them my brothers
We laugh as we toast champagne with one another
It's been that way for years. All we got is each other
I got to watch who I trust cause loyalty ain't promised
Whether it's a n***a or a bitch, at least I'm being honest
If I told you I was balling it was just me being modest;
Regardless what these motherfuckers may be saying about us
I risk my life to make it and there ain't no better reason
What seems reckless to you may just me doing what I believe in
Cause where I'm from nobody brags about achievements
If they do, nobody gives a fuck, let alone believes them
And, that's my inspiration to go all out like fuck it
I started out with zero and turned nothing into something
Even if you never liked me, you've got to be proud of him
If they like us now, I'm going to make them n***as love us