Earl Hayes
Yeah, uh, yeah

[Verse 1]
You at my welcome mat and I ain't mad by letting you in
Long as you listen to me closely as you get to know Jin
First of all I had the thirst of all rappers combined
Worst of all people told me I was wasting my time
Like I was better off making up computer designs
A doctor, a lawyer, or anything that's using my mind
When I used to rap I usually got refused and declined
Till I felt abused and used it as fuel in my rhymes
In every battle, the race card was my downfall
Till I read the Art of War and used it to clown y'all
I'm still battling but on a different note
Not rappers, but labels, same ocean but a different boat
Them CEOs must be sniffin' coke
Don't they know that I'm the dopest product on either coast?
They tried to drown me, but I stayed afloat
Here's a verse for you to quote
The realest shit I ever wrote

Now that I got your attention I gotta say this
I know that it's been debated I'm a gimmick they created
All the people that hated because I made it, two-faced
When they the same ones that wished that I'd make it
All the critics that's jealous that I've created
Still highly anticipated they nothing to do but face it
Even though that I'm asian we all related be patient
Cause we gon' make it so if you rollin' with me
[Verse 2]
We together now, we ain't gotta act like strangers
I done let you into the deepest and darkest chambers
Introduced you to Jin, all the pain and anguish
Gave you reasons why they say the fame will change us
It's most common amongst entertainers
Rappers and athletes, how can you blame us?
Runnin' round crazy, saying I ain't the same cause
But jealousy, is a funny thing that the brain does
How can you not see, in simple and plain view
My fame ain't changed me, man it changed you
But then again I guess that's what haters do
And it's a damn shame my fans got haters too
It's like the listen, and disregard the lyrics
Imagine if they flipped it and the artist were the critic
And everything YOU did was under the scope
And YOUSE about to get hung, and we the ones with the rope


[Verse 3]
If you think about it, me and you, we really the same
Ain't nothin' different about us but the faces and names
The places we came, lies that were placed in our brains
If our ancestors knew they'd be disgraced and ashamed
So I chose to be the one to change the pace of the game
Look at me, hot as California burnin' in flames
Still I feel, that everything I earn is in vein
Unless I do somethin' positive with what I obtain
These people must truly think I'm really insane
Like my life around me revolves around the jewellery and dames
I'm quick to rip that picture right up outta the frame
I ain't tryna see my whole life go down the drain
And be, 40 years old still hoppin' the train
Frontin' with a fake smile like I'm doin' my thang
Hurting inside, tuck in my pride, hide in my pain
If you've never settled for less then you feelin' the same