The Doppelgangaz
Whole Wide World (Remix)
Whole wide world
Funky shit rob for cash (There’s a whole wide world)
Getting bird jump (There’s a whole wide world)
Black man white man (There’s a whole wide world)
That’s where we at (There’s a whole wide world)
(inaudible) There’s a whole wide world
There’s a whole wide world
There’s a whole wide world
There’s a whole wide world
There’s a whole wide world

[Verse 1]
Check it
I knew this chick down in Paducah
Her only talent was that she could smoke a hookah with their kookah
And instead of drinking till she puke ah
She rather used her tampons soaked in sambuca
From the States all the way to St. Lucia
You see the windowless van with the paint fuchsia
Be a doll donate anything you choose to
Like Satsuma some boys juicer
The naturalization isn’t scary to a schmoozer
They catching a match of cricket on a Sunday
All the while snoring off a ticket that’s a one way
Told the chick while she sunbathes
He will beat the box if you get this home unscathed
Where should I send it to
Yo Newark would be rational
JFK LaGuardia or Stewart International
Whole wide world
Whole wide world
There’s a whole wide world
There’s a whole wide world
There’s a whole wide world

[Verse 2]
Cross the Atlantic with a frantic plan
Semantic clans divine grub
A fine tug with mechanic can
On a whim looking for trim
Out in Berlin this bitch shine
Rather than supply him prime sterling
Rap Merlin well equipped sneaking gin till their sleeping in
Plus rock and shady is in for the weekend
It’s all the same in Ukraine unsurprised fame
Getting denied by some size queens
He fine he’s not crying it’s the Visine
You know E
He got the goatee plus the gold teeth
In a roll tee a devotee to ghostly
But mostly faking charity but keep the proceeds now
Time for travel breathing on tape
Going ape showing Summer’s Eve in your gape
Sport the drape out in Kuwait sealed fate
Yo get that mother fucking veal off my plate
No veal can’t you relate
Baby cow huh (There’s a whole wide world)
Let that baby cow live man (There’s a whole wide world)
Don’t get me wrong (There’s a whole wide world)
I’m a carnivorous type n*gga myself (There’s a whole wide world)
Let them cows grow (There’s a whole wide world)
Yeah my baby grew from the freshman class
New year blast that will turn your flesh into ash
Rappers scatter like shattered glass when cars crash
We out in Europe metamorphing into euro trash
I’m Clark Griswald
Searching for my German cousins
Folks who stay mysterious
Witch’s cupboards
Cooking children in ovens a cool baker’s dozen
Hate em but we love em
Weeding with the latest buzzing
No need to mention the Geneva Convention
Cuz we’ll release a dimension of pure disease and infection
The Groggy Pack crew
Harder than the Joseph Stalin statue
Ain’t bragging but I bagged the girl with the dragon tattoo
Ice blooded Serbian heart beat
Dictators we consider every week Shark Week
Shark’s press shark’s place
Soundtrack to heaven’s gate
Faceplate from the subwoofer
Make the whole crowd levitate